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54 Yeas Old Mother of 4 Adult Children. Retired from Federal Civil Service - Marrero, LA

5'2" tall with bad back pain and knees. Could not walk more then a block or climb a flight of step without being out of breath and in pain. Husband had it 6 months before me and I decided I was worth it. My insurance paid for it which was one of the deciding factors in my actual decision to have it done. In retrospect if I were to do WLSZ today I would look at the sleeve. My husband... READ MORE

61 Years Old Mother of 4 Grandmother of 5. I Had Lap Band in 07 Lost 80 Pounds. Extended TT with Muscle Repair and Arm Lift.

I was tired of carrying around the hanging apron and the top stomach that no matter how much exercise I did got no smaller. I was tired of the flapping of skin when I would play with my grand babies and also the rashes were becoming more and more frequent. Dr Khoobehi came highly recommended and after doing my research into the best plastic surgeon in my area I decided on him. Even though... READ MORE

Questions from cleofet

What can I put on the open wound under my arm pit to get this to heal? (photos)

I had an arm lift and TT on May 16th 2014 5 weeks ago. Under my pits especially on the left side there is an opening that keeps oozing and is wet. The PS looked at it at the... READ MORE

Swelling & weird numbness 6 weeks post Extended Tummy Tuck with muscle repair.

I am 6 weeks post op Extended TT with muscle repair, arm lift and  lipo on 5 areas.  i am 61 years old.  PS said last week that I did not have to wear the... READ MORE

I still have pulling and burning sensation 2 months after TT and arm lift. Is this normal?

TT/muscle repair & arm lift 2 months ago. not worried about swelling but this pulling burning feeling in both these areas has me a bit concerned. I also had lipo in 5 areas. My... READ MORE

4 months after arm lift - when I wear my bra, I have a very noticeable bulge on the top back of my arms. Normal? (Photo)

Arms look good and scares healing well but when I wear my bra I have a very noticeable bulge on the top back of my arms. I was thinking it needed a little more lipo . doctor... READ MORE

Is there a specific type doctor that would have to do plastic surgery on a transgender to remove breast tissue?

Is there a specific type doctor that would have to do plastic surgery on a transgender to remove breast tissue? How old does a person have to be to have it done. What would the... READ MORE

Can I ask my PS to do a revision or touch up to make my upper abdomen flatter and my belly button smaller? (photos)

I had my Extended TT with muscle repair and arm lift in May 2014. I am 9 month out and not totally satisfied with what I see. Is it possible to have a TT revision or some other... READ MORE

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I thought these were my pictures. See if you can find me in here. My name is Mary Grisaffi and Dr Khoobehi in Metaire LA did my TT & arm lift in 2014. It's weird I really thought this was me. READ COMMENT

I don't want to bust anyone's bubble but if you are on the older side (61 years old on date of surgery May 2014) please have realistic expectations. my upper abs are not as flat as I expected and my pubic area is still puffy and fatty... READ COMMENT

I am sort of in the same situation. I do like my results and it looks so much better now BUT my upper abs aren't flat and when I sit I still have muffin top which I hate and thought would be mostly gone. Also my belly button seems... READ COMMENT

It looks great. We are on the search for surgeon that will do top surgery for my grandson who will be 16 in Aug. he lives in Boise Idaho and I live in New Orleans, LA. Did you have to go out of the State where you live to find... READ COMMENT

I will be a year in mid May and my upper abs are not flat. It does not hurt but this is not what I thought it would look like. I think my belly button is to big. I paid out of pocket and have NO MORE MONEY. I want to go back to my... READ COMMENT