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Are buttock implants detected by airport security?

What happens when traveling on a domestic (or international) flight if you have buttock implants? Does the scanner detect the implant? And what about the more detailed body... READ MORE

Complication rate for buttock implant surgery?

There was an article published in the April 2013 issue of "Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery." The authors say the overall rate of complication (38%) from the procedure is not... READ MORE

Are buttock implants comfortable when sitting for LONG periods of time (e.g., plane flights, long drives, etc.)?

I know we do not technically "sit" where the implants are placed. But how many of us really have good posture or sit with perfect posture at all times? So I am wondering if... READ MORE

Is buttock implant surgery still considered outside the "mainstream" by the plastic surgery community in the USA?

Back in 2007 I consulted with a reputable plastic surgeon who said he thought buttock implant surgery resulted in too many complications. -Have there been any new innovations... READ MORE

After sufficient recovery time, do buttock implants truly feel comfortable as if you never had the procedure?

I know this one is asked a lot. I know the implants are placed higher than where we typically sit. However, I've seen reviews from patients who complain they are still... READ MORE

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You look great! So after 7 or 8 weeks...are the implants feeling like a natural part of the body? or do you still notice them when you sit or drive a car? Thanks for sharing. READ COMMENT

Looks great! I wonder how the implants feel in your body now that you've had them for a year. Do you feel they are a "natural" part of your body? Like when you are sitting on your couch at home watching TV are you thinking, "These are... READ COMMENT

Hannah: Any word/diagnosis from your doctor about your incision healing? Wish you the best in healing. Was the 660 size a factor in the incision opening up? You look great, hang in there. READ COMMENT

Congrats, very nice result! So now that it has been 2 months can you sit down with it feeling normal and comfortable? READ COMMENT

Angel87: You look great, congrats! At your 3 month review you said you could not run without it hurting and the implants feeling loose. Did that finally go away? READ COMMENT