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Restylane for Tear Ducts. On the fence as to whether it's worth it.

I decided to get Restylane for tear ducts, as I'm sick of people telling me I look tired, even when I'm not. I had this done at the Restylane clinic in Sweden. I'm lucky as Restylane is produced in Sweden, so there is a speciality here. About the treatment, I was expecting it to hurt more. It was only the initial prick that hurt the skin and then this uncomfortable feeling of having... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Going on 25. Love Botox! - Stockholm, Sweden

I'm completely in love with Botox. I've been using it for a year now (3 treatments in total), as a preventative treatment on my frown lines and they've disappeared. I now have a much more relaxed look, less headaches because I'm not frowning as much and people are surprised when I tell them I'm 29, they always think I'm younger. I have a few friends who are the same age/a bit older and WISH... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Giving Myself an Always Wanted BA for my 30th!

Like other woman on who choose to do a BA, I never fully developed. I've always been conscious of what I wear, or when I'm naked and wish that I could have a fuller figure up top. I have three sisters who have all been lucky in this department and somehow I didn't get the same luck. I have decided to do this for myself - I am turning 30 in July and want to do something significant. Last year... READ MORE

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Just got back from vacation (no internet) and so so happy to see your operation went so well! You seem to be healing well :) sad to hear that it wasn't easy for you In the beginning but hoping you're recovering quickly now x READ COMMENT

Hi KB, just a day late but wanted to drop by and see how Vegas was. Such a shame about your phone :( I have the same thoughts like Anna, whether you had to keep the guys off you. Not surprised at all by all the attention you got :) Hope... READ COMMENT

Sounds like you make better use of your collection then :)) I know.. I am terrible not sharing the new girls yet,especially since I'm so good at documenting it here. Will have to think of a good way to do it ;-) READ COMMENT

Hi KB, hope Vegas was amazing. I'm going to check by your page and see if you've written about it! A glam life you lead :)) ok firstly, your comment really makes me laugh and feel like a prude at the same time... I know, I have been... READ COMMENT

Hehe, seems he's keen :)) READ COMMENT