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Best rhinoplasty in NYC

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14 Jan 2017, Created 8 months ago

Philip J. Miller, MD, FACS

5 out of 5 stars

It's been 3 months and i am blown away by his work! Rhinoplasty went well, i healed fast (didn't bruise), and my face looks more balanced. It looks so natural & smooth. Makeup looks great on me now! He is an artist and will take the time to explain procedure/address any concerns. You are in good hands. READ MORE

regret my dental bonding - Union City, NJ

I had perfect natural teeth. Had. The only slight flaw was that I had small white spots on the lower part of my top front teeth (2). Like an idiot I never imagined i could ever loose this. I drank and didn't take care of them and the yellowed. I originally wanted teeth whitening but was convinced to get my top 2 teeth bonded to cover the contrast of yellow and white. The dentist conservatively... READ MORE

Questions from VeronicaMay

Are Minimal prep veneers safe for teeth that have had bonding polished off? Should I get this or will it cause problems? (photo)

I'm 22/female. I originally had minimal prep for bonding at the bottom of my front 2 teeth to cover white spots. Months later i went to get a scratch removed and another... READ MORE

What can be done about this? Poor dental bonding work (Photo)

Healthy teeth. 23 year old female. Dental bonding gone wrong to cover white spots. Went through 4 dentists and they all made it worse. I had most of the bonding material... READ MORE

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Honestly, after 2 months i saw the potential that is was a great investment. It's a process--but now i'm 7 months post op & i feel like this is the nose i was supposed to have. People have no idea what makes me look more "refined".... READ COMMENT

Yup. Learned my lesson. Cosmetic procedure in U.S. only. (If necessary) READ COMMENT

Crowns should never have been done. That's why they feel unnatural. In my opinion i think you current set , the shape, is good. But they lack transparency at the edges. The best cosmetic dentists are in new york city. Look up Ambriz... READ COMMENT

Your smile is absolutely beautiful! If these are temps than this is impressive, rest assured you have perfect teeth. Wish you luck and enjoy that fabulous smile! READ COMMENT

I completely understand the trauma and obsession. In my opinion if the dentist had to fix her first set she is not offering you the best cosmetic service. Be careful. Do research and don't trust these dentists....they are not artists. I... READ COMMENT