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Although I am a couple of months away from my scheduled tummy tuck, I thought I would begin posting so I could chronicle my own results. I am 48, 165, size 12. I had a hysterectomy last year and since then, am having a difficult time losing weight. Although, in all honestly, with as gross as I feel, I can't say I am super motivated. I will say it ouloud, I do not enjoy working out. I... READ MORE

Spur of the Moment........????

Okay, so I made a last minute appointment for a consult for dermal fillers. I just wanted to get an opinion. I am not sure what happened, but the next thing I knew, I was saying, "Sure!!! Sign me up!!!" What??? :) I told the PA that I saw that I was most concerned with the drooping corners of my mouth and the developing marionette lines. But I was so nervous. I know I am heading for... READ MORE

Questions from GoldenShay

How do the Dominican Republic doctors get the patients waists so small?

Is there a different procedure that Dominican Republic use for tummy tucks that American doctors don't use? READ MORE

Dissection vs. lipo/ dissection vs. plication: mini facelift.

Is a dissection of the muscle method ever used for a mini facelift rather than plication, which, from what I understand is the folding of the muscle? I assume the healing time... READ MORE

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What date in October? READ COMMENT

Slow and steady wins the race. Keep your eye on the prize. Good things come to those who wait. Okay, I'm out of cliches, but they are true. You have already had an incredible transformation in just 5 days! Look at your lovely skin!... READ COMMENT

Well 20 years gone in an instant. How is your daughter handling all of this? May I ask her age? I worry about my daughter. READ COMMENT

I absolutely can't believe you are 62!! Your results at just 9 days are incredible. Your skin looks flawless. Your jaw and neck.......perfection. I am following you closely and look forward to your updates. READ COMMENT

You look magnificent. The glimpse that you got of yourself before the swelling began is where you will end, I am guessing. And you look like a 20 year old! You will have incredible results. I'm so happy for you, I wish you a speedy... READ COMMENT