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Fraxel Re:pair - Yesterday - So Far So Good

So far my experience has been very good.  But - it's too early to tell what the final results will be.  Attached is my after picture from today.  I will download the before picture when I find it. The attached picture is of my lower lids with the Fraxel Re:pair.  I will update as I progress.  I am now on day 9 and I am very happy.  I'm not sure what the... READ MORE

Questions from Neil Redmond

New York Lip Line Botox Injection Doctor Recommendations

Hello, I am interested in the lip line Botox. But because I do a lot of public speaking, I'm worried about not being able to speak properly. Do you know of any doctor in... READ MORE

Celebrities with Jaw Implants?

Which celebrities do you think have jaw implants? I'm trying to figure out how a jaw implant would look on me. How about Conan O'Brien? Do you think he has one? READ MORE

Are Jaw Implants Usually Done with a Chin Implant?

Would jaw implants normally be done with a chin implant, or not necessarily? I'm trying to look more masculine. READ MORE

Best Non Surgical Treatment for Around the Eye Hollows?

I've had some docs say that Juvederm is not good. What do you think about Silicone1000? One doc says it's great and stays in place? But I'm worried that if I go to get a... READ MORE

What Do You Think of Celution Rejuvenation Therapy?

What do you think about this new facial rejuvenation system (Celution rejuvenation therapy)? It appears to be in full force in Japan (why are they ahead of U.S. in this field).... READ MORE

Will Electric Stimulation Machines Help Firm Facial Muscles?

What do you think about using an electrical stimulation machine to firm up facial muscles? I'm on a facial exercise regimen - which I'm going to try for 4 mos & I also have... READ MORE

Can Cheek Implants Be Used to Fill in Under Eye Hollows?

I went to a surgeon who said that my under eye hollows/bulges are due to the fact that my eye ball is located there. I was looking at Bill O'Reilly the FoxNews guy and it seems... READ MORE

Are There Procedures That Don't Give Away That You've Had Work Done?

I'm thinking that there are some procedures that a person like me can undertake w/o fear that anybody will be able to tell that I had something done... ie... chin implant,... READ MORE

Can Cheek Implants Improve Your Under Eye Situation? I Have Sort of Bulges Under my Eyes

I went to a plastic surgeon about my lower lid bulges and he said that the problem was that my eye ball is there - it's not really fat. I'm wondering if a cheek implant... READ MORE

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Hi Everybody, I am one month post fraxel re:pair results and I am still extreemely happy. If you remember I had my eye area done - for under eye crepyness and lines around my eyes. If I get a chance - I will be taking some photos. My... READ COMMENT

So, I'm 2 weeks post Fraxel Re:pair on my lower lids and I am extreemly happy about how I am progressing. I will post some more photos soon. The whole crepyness that was below my eyes is gone and there were some wrinkles that were... READ COMMENT

Hello All, Today is day 8 after Fraxel RE:pair on lower lids and I am very happy with the smoothness of the skin. And there is no creping - like there used to be. I am still a bit swollen so - the results are not complete yet. On the... READ COMMENT

Hey Allie, Thanks for the support. I'm happy to hear that you are seeing improvements. I'm going to try that ElastiDerm. Thanks, Neil READ COMMENT

So, today is day 6 and my face is starting to feel a bit itchy. The skin is fairly smooth - but I think it's still the swelling. I'm starting to notice a couple of the lines coming back and the area around the orbital rim below my eye... READ COMMENT