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Fat Injections for a Rounder Face?

I have a strong, square jaw and I was wondering if fat injections would make my face look rounder. READ MORE

Is It Possible to Fix Nose Bump Under Local Anesthesia?

I've always been insecure about the bump on my nose and I want to get a nose job but I'm afraid of having anesthesia. Is it possible to have it done with only local anesthesia?... READ MORE

Fat Injections Help Thin Face in 19-year-old?

Hi, I'm 19 years old and I think I need fat injections. My problem is that I lost weight and my face got so bony and I feel insecure but I don't want to have to gain it... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Make my Thin Lips Big and Pouty?

Can it look natural also? I wish they were beautiful like hers Thanks READ MORE

Is Restylane Safe if I'm on Anti-inflammatory Medication?

Hi, I was wondering if Restylane would be use if I'm on medication (for IBD)? Thanks. READ MORE

Does Restylane Change Lip Shape?

Hi, I was wondering if Restylane can change the shape of thin lips (not just size) into a pouty shape? Can it also lift the outer corner lines? Mine always make me look like... READ MORE