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I Wish I Did Invisalign Instead of Lingual Braces

I went for three consults for braces, one for invisalign, one for regular ceramic braces and one for lingual braces. I picked the wrong one - the lingual braces. My life is ruined, I had 3 teeth removed which has complelety changed the shape and width of my face and has moved my bone structure causing facial collaspe. It has aged me by 10 years, and taken all the balance out of my beautiful... READ MORE

Questions from kittymeowmeow

Best Procedure for Gaunt Lower Face and Sunken Cheeks?

I am 30 years old and I have high cheekbones. Unfortunately I had three teeth removed for orthodontic purposes. As a result, my face has become gaunt with loss of volume in... READ MORE

Facial Implants for Widening Gaunt Face?

I am interested in restoring my looks after a bad orthodontic experience that has changed my bone structure and soft tissues, making me look gaunt and less full in the cheeks,... READ MORE

Do Saline Lip Implants Feel Natural or Hard?

Do saline lip implants feel hard like Fulfil? Do they get harder over time, what are the long term side effects of these implants? READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Change the Shape of the Face?

I had teeth removed by an orthodontist. It negatively changed my bone structure and soft tissues, making me look gaunt with sunken cheeks, loss of lip support, and cheekbones... READ MORE

How Does Pregnancy Affect Fat Grafting?

I am considering Fat grafting to my cheeks, jawline and above upper lip. I am 31 years old and have suffered from major facial atrophy. How does pregnancy effect the Fat grafting? READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Long Term Results?

I am interested in fat transfer in between my nose and mouth and below my cheekbones jawline area. Will fat stay permanent or last for a long time in these areas? Or, is it... READ MORE

Gortex or Silicone Implant to Augment Philtrum?

I would like my philtrum in between my nose and mouth augmented should I use a gortex implant or a silicone implant? What are the risks? It doesn't seem to be a common procedure. READ MORE

Hydroxyapatite Granuals Mandibular Angle Implant Risks?

I am looking into augmenting my jaw using hydroxyapatite granuals. What are the risks associated with using this material? It seems a more custom implant can be performed. Why... READ MORE

Paranasal Implants to Help with Bone Loss?

I am interested in getting an implant that goes in between my nose and mouth to rebuild this concaved area due to bone loss. Will putting an implant in this area help lift... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to the Cheeks Longevity?

I have lost a lot of volume in the buccal area, below my cheekbones--Abraham Lincoln style. Does fat transfer last well in this area?  READ MORE

Dental Implants First or After Facial Implants?

I am having 3 dental implants placed, and I am also having a paranasal implant, and manibular implants. Should I do dental implants first? How long should I wait between... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buccal and Mandible

I am considering fat transfer to my cheeks to fill some hollow, and to enhance my mandible--I want to widen the lower part of my face. Is it possible to fill the buccal area... READ MORE

Submalar Cheek Implants Placement

Can a submalar cheek implant be placed more laterally, to allow space for paranasal implant? How many cc's does the implant fill? Does it lift sunken cheek tissues to volumize? READ MORE

Best Way to Fill Apple of Cheek

Does fat transfer have long lasting results in the apple of the cheek? Does a submalar implant fill it up? Whats the best treatment, My cheeks are flat, with strong bone... READ MORE

Paranasal or Premaxillary Cheek Implants?

What is the difference with the paranasal and premaxillary cheek implants? Do they both bring fullness to the area between the nose and mouth? READ MORE

Fat Grafting over Facial Implants

Does fat grafting "take" in areas where facial implants are? I am putting submalar cheek implants in but may need some f/g as well. Also if I need to remove implants... READ MORE

Why No Hyaluronic Acid Fillers for Large Volume Use?

Why is there no safe filler for large area's that is affordable? Like really, is fat, which is unpredictable, and Sculptra, which causes lumps, the best they can do? Why don't... READ MORE

Fat Transfer After Artefill Injections?

Will Fat Transfer take in my cheeks and jaw? I have Artefill in these areas. I would like to do full face Fat Transfer. READ MORE

Can Gortex Strips Be Customized to Widen Temples?

Can gortex strips be customised to widen my temples and sides of forehead by 4mm as well as my jaw from my ear down by 4mm? My face has gotten narrow from bone reabsorption and... READ MORE

Are There Procedures Available to Widen Temple?

What's the best procedure for widening the temples next to the eyes and the side of the forehead slightly above the eyes? READ MORE

Tissue Clay for Use in Plastic Surgeries?

I found a website that uses Avitene tissue clay to augment bone or soft tissue. Why have I never come across this before, is it not used anymore? READ MORE

What Could Be the Risks in Temple Augmentation?

What are the risks of temple augmentation using an implant or bone paste/hydroxyapatite? Is a large incision made coronal or small in the hairline? READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Expand/widen Arches with Braces?

I am finishing up with my braces, I have had them for 4 years, my orthodontist is going to try to widen the arches a little, he says a couple of months, but I am wondering if... READ MORE

Midface Lift Possible After Cheek Implants?

Can I have a subperiosteal midface lift in the future if I have existing silastic or porex submalar cheek implants in place? READ MORE

Midface Lift Effect on Eyes and Prominent Cheekbones

Will a subperiosteal mid facelift with orbital rim implants make my eyes look smaller? What effect will it have on my prominent cheekbones? READ MORE

Anyone in Vancouver BC or Seattle That Specializes in Liposuction of Banana Rolls?

I would like the best Dr to do liposuction my banana rolls, they are quite large and I also have cellulite. Can this be improved with liposuction, and or a brazillian butt... READ MORE

When Can I Wear my Essix Retainer After Bone Graft/dental Implant Placement?

My dentist advised against wearing my flipper for a week after bone graft/dental implant surgery. When can I wear my essix retainer? Can I have one modified to not apply... READ MORE

How Do I Remove Restylane Irregularities in Lips 5 Months After Injection?

I had restylane injected in my upper lip 5 months ago, I can feel lumps on the inside of my lip, one small visible one where the needle went in in the middle and an irregular... READ MORE

How Do I Treat Granulomas / Scar Tissue Caused by Restylane in my Lips?

I had restylane injected 5 months ago, there is a small lump where the needle went in and several lumps that can be felt from inside my mouth,there is an ridge above my lipline... READ MORE

Does Vitrase or Dissolving Agent for Restylane Cause Swelling

Do dissolving agents for ha fillers cause swelling or bruising? I am trying to remove some lumps caused by restylane in my lips, but I'm doing it on a saturday and have an... READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid Alternative for Lips and Under Eye Hollows

I have reacted to restylane in my lips resulting in several lumps which can be felt inside my lip (injected 5 months ago the lumps were instant). I am seeing my doctor to... READ MORE

After Restylane - 5-fu or Corticosteroids Scar Tissue in Lip

Thankyou for the advice I have recieved.I got my records and yes it actually was restylane injected I did bruise alot, so some have said that could have caused scar tissue. I... READ MORE

Will Tear Trough Implants Make my Eyes Look Smaller?

I have eye hollows that are getting more prominent. I have not reacted well with restylane in my lips so am looking at alternatives to improving my eye hollows, I have big... READ MORE

Effect on High Cheekbones Using Submalar Cheek Implant

Is it possible to use a submalar cheek implant in a way that I will not loose my high cheekbones? I want more fullness below my very prominent cheekbones but don't want... READ MORE

Premaxillary Implant: Will it give my upper lip more Projection?

Will a premaxillary implant have any effect on my upper lip? I am hoping it will give my upper lip more projection, fullness. READ MORE

Is It True Midface Implants Can Be Removed Under Local?

Can large submalar and premaxillary implants really be removed in the office under local? When is the best time to remove? One month post op. Is the swelling and recovery like... READ MORE

Do Tiny 3 Mm Stab Incisions on the Cheek That Are Concaved Fill Back Up on There Own with Time?

Will tiny 3-4mm stab incisions on my cheek fill back up naturally with time, they are 3 weeks old and are not raised but concaved and slightly red, I have been covering them... READ MORE

Scar Darkened by Sun?

I have a small flat scar below my knee, like a little cut about 6mm long, I didn't protect it from the sun and now it is darker than the rest of my skin, almost purple. Is... READ MORE

Twin Block Appliance to Reduce 8mm Overjet in Adult?

I had braces for 4 years with unsatisfactory results, and am left with a 8mm over jet. Is it possible to use a twin block appliance to move my lower jaw forward as an adult? I... READ MORE

Lipline Border Still Irregular More Than 2 Years After Restylane? (photo)

Can my lipborder be fixed it still has a lumpy irregular appearance more than 2 years after restylane injection in upper lip border READ MORE

Removing Dental Implant for Braces?

I had two dental implants put in and am considering having them removed to reduce my overjet with braces, they are premolars. Is it a straight forward procedure to have them... READ MORE

Cheeklift Nerve Damage?

One week post op, incision in temple gortex suture loop cheeklift, by board certified specialist, left side is healing very nicely, right side bruised badly giving a black eye... READ MORE

Removing Broken Suture Suspension String?

I have a polycaproamide long term suture in my cheek that may have broke, I need to locate it for removal if it did because it looks as though it is creating an irregularity... READ MORE

Recent comments from kittymeowmeow

I don't care if you think the plastic surgery is a little extreme, This is my experience, the changes from removing those biscupis teeth has changed the way I was put on this earth forever! There ought to be more information about this... READ COMMENT

Hows it going now? I am intersted in fat transfer in the buccal area, is it taking in this area, in an even way? READ COMMENT

How long have you had them for? Do they feel hard? Kiss test? Any complications? I am interested in this procedure but worried because it is quite new and there is little information on long term results and side effects. READ COMMENT