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BBL or Lipo (Undecided) - Miami, FL/Dominican Republic

Alrighty here we go, boy o boy where do I start... BACKGROUND: So I'm a 4'11 29y/o (30 in Oct...eeek) w/ an 11y/o. and I've always had what I'd like to call an "odd body" I'm not completely unsatisfied w/ my body but I feel I have some room for improvement. My shape has been a roller coaster for as long as I can remember, I used to be soooooo skinny 92lbs to be exact I was like a small B cup... READ MORE

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I completely understand lol I'm not afraid to fly BUT I am pretty scared to go out of the country. I'm coming from As soon as get my funds situated & my date confirmed I'll definitely let you know. This stupid car accident... READ COMMENT

I'm more then likely gonna go with Baez. I've emailed her a few times with ALL my many questions so once I get my deposit money together I'm going to secure my date. If you decide to go to the DR let me know girl. xoxo READ COMMENT

Welcome babygirl!! I wish u all the best in journey. I'm also just starting out on RS after lurking for almost a year lol. Good luck I definitely wish I would've started my journey when I was 23. I too am now considering Hasan, but I... READ COMMENT

Thanks girl. sometimes it does & sometimes it doesn't. it's weird like in pants yea, but once I put on a dress it disappears UNLESS I have on spanx. But that's kinda why I was on the fence about which procedure to get (bbl or just lipo)... READ COMMENT

Man that sucks I would be beyond pissed to pay that much & get basically nothing. you should have a lawyer contact Dr. Fisher directly about a revision or take legal action against vanity. damn I'm mad for you! READ COMMENT