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41 Years-old, No Kids, Hereditary Belly Fat - Thanks Dad! - Evans, GA

I have had a pot belly since I was six. Skinny arms, skinny legs, narrow butt with a pot belly. I was picked on by my mother for my belly. She was thin, and she was cruel at times. I looked like my daddy, and they were divorced. She took out her resentment for him on me. I dieted and did sit-ups religiously through high school, and still never really had a bikini figure. I developed ovarian... READ MORE

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I am so excited for you! I think the best part is seeing everyone's transformation. I am so pleased with mine, and it has only been two days! READ COMMENT

My surgery was on the 3rd. I am doing okay. You will be just fine. I never thought about back pain, and no muscles in the belly! My back has hurt too! I hope this surgery will alleviate that! READ COMMENT

No blood thinners. That's the opposite of what you want to do. READ COMMENT

Looking at your before pics. Make sure you drink lots of water pre-op. It helps loosen up the fat cells, so they can be sucked out easier. READ COMMENT

I just had mine on June 3rd. Best thing I ever did! Don't get discouraged. God created you beautiful, but time and kids and life take a toll. You are not being vain or anything. You just want to feel better about yourself. They will be... READ COMMENT