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EXACTLY what I wanted!

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9 Mar 2017, Created 3 months ago

Christine A. Stiles, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Had Belotero in my lips and bridge of my nose earlier today, my first time with Dr. Stiles and she is outstanding. I do not like being over-filled, to the point where I haven't had my lips done in years after a bad experience. She understood my concerns, agreed with what I asked her to do and literally one hour later I can already tell I will love the result. Her nurse and front desk people... READ MORE

Dr Ho Did a Fantastic Job Fixing an Acne "Issue!" - Plano, TX

Went to two surgeons in Dallas for consults on removing one "ice pick" scar - it was more than a scar though because it was still an active pore (like a small hole in my face that would never heal). I did not get a good feel for the first doctor, to the point that I forfeited a $150 "consult fee" and did not go back. I booked my appointment immediately after conferring with Dr. Ho (btw, no... READ MORE

Dr Ho and His Team Are Awesome! - Plano, TX

I had Restylane Silk injected in several places on my face (chin area, jawline, nose, above top lip, nasolabial folds) and I am a colossal pain, this I know, (I am VERY specific about placement and the amount injected) and Dr. Ho handled me with ease! He really listens and actually does what you ask - this is rare in Dallas from my experience. I left happy and had zero issues with feeling... READ MORE

PERFECT Doctor - PERFECT Team (No Kidding!)

First time at this office, came in for a scar removal consult and ended up also getting Botox. Needless to say, I felt very comfortable with Dr. Ho and his team. Dr. Ho is very patient, listened to everything I said, absolutely did not want me to rush into a decision about surgically removing one ice pick scar on my face (he actually said he didn't think I needed to do it!). I was due for... READ MORE

Dr. Verret is Excellent - Plano, TX

Dr. Verret has performed Botox, Juvaderm and hyalrodinase (to correct someone else's work) for me and I couldn't be happier. He is very understanding, listens, explains everything very thoroughly, and puts you at ease. He also was the plastic surgeon on call one night when my husband had an accident and needed multiple stitches around his eye and both inside and outside his brow bone (he... READ MORE

Thank You Hyaluronidase - Plano, TX

Had Juv Ultra put above top lip (between nose and lip, above outer corner areas for loss of volume) about 3 years ago. It was definitely overfilled slightly when initially done but over time it seemed to gain volume and also seemed to migrate down toward the upper edges of my lip. So, when I got my actual lips filled (the pink part of your lip, where the wet meets the dry) it exacerbated the... READ MORE

Questions from tlyp

Which filler is the least hydrophilic?

I would like to understand which brand of hyaluronic filler tends to attract the least water/fluid (after initial swelling has subsided)? I don't know if it matters but I am... READ MORE

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Well that stinks, sorry to hear that. I am going to do another round of Hyaluronidase, I swear Juviderm is hard to get rid of. I got the Juvi in late Jan and I swear, if I hadn't done the Hyaluronidase none of it would have been... READ COMMENT

672RH - How are your lips coming along - better after another month? Just curious... READ COMMENT