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Can you get upper pole fullness with an implant without increasing your cup size?

After breast feeding two children and losing all the baby weight I'm ready to take the plunge and get something done about my moderately sagging breasts. However, I'm quite... READ MORE

Voluma and knots under the skin

I had Voluma injected yesterday right at my cheekbone and nasolabial fold. Today, the right cheek is sightly fuller, much more sore, and has two hard pea size knots where the... READ MORE

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Sorry, I thought I was answering someone else. My results were almost exactly like yours. I was going to touch up my cheeks but I just had my nasolabial folds done again last week with juviderm ultra and my results aren't as good as... READ COMMENT

You look great! It will settle down some in another week or so. I actually liked mine best right after a had it done! This makes me want to do a touch up. :) READ COMMENT

I really hate posting pictures of myself. It had my done last August 05. I can say that my face isn't as full as it was just after I had it done but there is still a visible difference. My cheeks looked very similar to micheletx even... READ COMMENT

I had one and then I went back for one more. Better to be safe on the safe side. For me adding one more syringe wasn't much different. Very subtle. I think it depends on your age and shape of face. I hope you like your results! READ COMMENT

I did this exact thing and I'm very happy with my results. My cheeks look similar to yours. I had one syringe in both cheeks and then I went back for one more. My doctor put most of the product closer to the apple of my cheek because I... READ COMMENT