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Risk of Being Unable to Swallow After Botox in the Neck?

I read that some people that got injected with Botox in their neck couldn't swallow and had to be fed by a tube for months because the injector injected it incorrectly. If I go... READ MORE

How Do Lasers for Skin Tightening Work?

Do lasers that claim to tighten skin (Matrix RF etc.) really work for mild tightening? I thought the weakened muscles under your skin was the reason for skin laxity, and I... READ MORE

Can Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Lasers Melt the Fat in Your Face?

Can lasers with RF actually sometimes "melt" the existing fat in your face? I would hate to look older after such a procedure because I had less fat in my face after.... READ MORE

Do Silicone Sheets for Scars Work?

Have you ever heard of silicone sheets for scars and do you think they work? Thanks! READ MORE

Non-ablative Lasers Increase Collagen Production?

Do non-ablative lasers actually do anything to increase collagen production and help fine lines, or is this a scam? READ MORE

Why Do Some People Get Fillers in the Temple Area?

What does this do to enhance the face? Or maybe it gives a little lifting effect to the skin? That's one area I never considered. Just curious. Thanks. READ MORE

Is It Okay to Use Silicon Scar Sheets on Old Facial Acne Scar?

Will it be effective? Can anything bad happen from using them? How does this work? Thanks! READ MORE

How Much Improvement to Expect from Active or Deep FX?

Assuming the Active FX or Deep FX laser in the hands of an expert, how much improvement can really be expected on a Caucasian 40-year-old with fairly decent skin? Are we... READ MORE

Can Lipo Be Done Under the Chin with Local?

40 year old great shape small pocket of fat under chin Also, wouldn't the skin where the fat used to be hang down and look loose? READ MORE

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Omg multiplemom you have to go get that checked it looks like fluid build up it's definately not fat but did you have to wear compression garments or anything after? I would get another opionion from a diff doc. Good Luck. READ COMMENT