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I tried to use spray tan before but I never try it again. It faded fast and I feel so embarrassed because I use this on my friend's wedding. I wash my hands and tan faded easily; I think spray tan cannot last longer. READ COMMENT

I like to pamper myself at home twice a month and set up a mini spa corner in our home. I am using my home made scrub and scrub my body; I also want to treat my feet and soak in warm water and scrub it with sugar and lemon juice. READ COMMENT

I think you should use a primer first it will hold the foundation well and it can help the makeup to last longer. You can also choose the matte makeup to reduce the oiliness of the skin. There are many matte makeups that is available in... READ COMMENT

I agree with you Emma, we should also hydrate our skin to make it more beautiful and drink plenty of waters every day to keep our skin and body hydrated. We should also add some fruits and vegetables in our daily meal. READ COMMENT

I really like making green juice or smoothies because it helps me to have a beautiful and glowing skin. It also helps me in my diet and helps me to lose weight by flushing the toxins in my body. I also love eating raw vegetables like... READ COMMENT