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Questions from Mmdc83

Goretex and tip grafts removal

6 weeks post op from open rhino. Ps placed goretex to dorsum, harvested nasal septum to increase tip height and ear cartilage for projection. However i want all these removed.... READ MORE

Will tightness and stiffness of nose tip continue after removal of grafts?

PS harvested nasal septum to add height to my tip and added ear cartilage for tip projection. Due to some psychological/emotional reasons i am certain that il have it remove.... READ MORE

Which has more swelling? Primary surgery or removal of implant and grafts?

2.5 months post op after open rhino. Goretex on dorsum and nasal septum was harvested for tip height and added ear cartilage for projection. I am planning to have all these... READ MORE

2.5 months post op of Rhinoplasty, there is swelling after removal of nose tip grafts. Is this normal?

2.5mos open rhino. Ps harvested nasal septum for tip height and ear cartilage for projection. goretex was placed in dorsum. I am certain i will remove all these whether it will... READ MORE

Will I have a congested nose after implant removal?

Scheduled for goretex and tip grafts removal this coming july. It will be mu 2.5 months after open rhino. I just decided to remove all these bec depression was killing me... READ MORE

Risk in columella after Gore-Tex removal from bridge?

Had open rhino last april 21,2014. I regretted having the surgery and wanted to have closest to my pre op state as possible. PS agrees to remove it next month july so it will... READ MORE

Supplements and foods to eat after Rhinoplasty

Is it okay to drink grape seed supplement on the first week of revision rhinoplasty? Also can i drink turmeric tea on my second or third day? I also have protandim supplement,... READ MORE

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Hi rhino09. Did u have open rhino? I had open rhino last april 2014 using gortex and tip grafts for nosetip. I am scheduled to remove all these next month july which is only around 2.5 months from primary. surgeon only use open approach... READ COMMENT

Im so happy for u pneonia! how i wish id feel like u after also my removal. :( i soo envy u that u can now live normaly again.. I hope even if u want to move on already and stop giving time to open your account i hope ul keep in touch... READ COMMENT

In person maybe i can say my nose is better bec it has higher bridge and tip than my original nose. But i hated the idea of having silastic implant like goretex. I can sometimes see the goretex inside in mu pictures and also depends on... READ COMMENT

100% relate. I am an asian. So i had bulbous tip. My Ps harvested nasal septum to increase the height and placed ear cartilage above it for projection. And he used goretex for bridge. Though the result is not that bad, better than my... READ COMMENT