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Rhinoplasty by Dr Yakup Avsar Turkey - Istanbul

Ever since a young age I wanted to get a nose job but was so afraid with the procedure as years went by my nose started to look bigger I have been called names from family how big my nose is and how its to big for my face. I have been so insucure with my looks if im driving and someone stops... READ MORE

28 Years Old 1 Child Much Needed of a Tiny Waist - Spain, ES

So i have always been a slim girl with a wide waist with flanks that never seems to go away with exercise or diet so i have decided to do a bbl in october in spain woth dr aslani i have done tons of research and i saw aslani photos he looks really good at what he does plus his close to london... READ MORE

Questions from newlook0914

I need rhinoplasty. How would it look after surgery?

As my nose has a hump once removed would my nose look longer as my nose is quite slim Because I want a nose that fits my face without playing with the tip to much because it... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: My nose is thin and too long for my face, if I get the hump removed would I need to make the tip smaller?

Hi I really need a rhinoplasty but I want it to fit my face as my nose is thin and long for my face but I am wodering if I get the hump removed would I need to get the tip... READ MORE

Is the healing time for a closed Rhinoplasty the same as an open Rhinoplasty?

Hi I will be having closed rhinoplasty in september I have a hump and a pointy nose will closed rhinoplasty fix all that problems easier or harder than open rhinoplasty and is... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty. Can I get a nose that's completely different to my natural shape?

Would I be able to get a nose that looks nowhere near my natural nose shape? Im pisting alone my picture snd the nose that I really want READ MORE

Smoking before Rhinoplasty surgery, 10 days pre-op.

Hi I have exatcly 10 days from today for my rhinoplasty closed surgery I am smoking and havent quite before pre op would that cause any difficulties for the surgent when... READ MORE

Sneezing around 3/4 times a day - what does this indicate?

I am 1 month post op after rhinoplasty and im sneezing regulary through the day I dont have a cold or anything also I do sneeze through the mouth but my concern is why am I... READ MORE

Lumps in my nostrils post op rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

I am 1 month post op after rhinoplasty I am worried I have lots of humpy skin or cartilage(not sure what to call it) inside my nostrils is this normal? READ MORE

My body fat is 37.10% am i good candidate for Brazilin butt lift

So my body fat is 37.10% which is high! And bmi is just over 25% im 5ft 2 and weigh 133 lbs. am i a perfect candidate for a Brazilian butt lift as my body fat is 37.10% ? Also... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a 23 inch waist after a Brazilian butt lift if my waist is 30 inch pre op?

Is it possible to have a 23 inch waist after a brazilian butt lift if my waist is 30 inch pre op? READ MORE

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Butt implants is a complicated procedure also has risks that u can suffer after the surgery make sure you think about the implant before putting down a deposit. To do it more of an natural way i recommened you put enough fat on your... READ COMMENT

Wow girl ur waist looks tiny and assss on point hehe. Abd your results is only going to get better!! Xx READ COMMENT

Heyyy hun ur surgery around the corner keep us posted pleaseee im having mine on october 28t with him where r u having ur surgery marbella or malaga also which hotel READ COMMENT

Look great having mine done with aslani in october u have any update picsss READ COMMENT

Im turkey im glad u not going turkey for your op they dont no nothing about bbl lol but thhere are great surgeons for other proceures READ COMMENT