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Rhinoplasty by Dr Yakup Avsar Turkey - Istanbul

Ever since a young age I wanted to get a nose job but was so afraid with the procedure as years went by my nose started to look bigger I have been called names from family how big my nose is and how its to big for my face. I have been so insucure with my looks if im driving and someone stops... READ MORE

Questions from newlook0914

I need rhinoplasty. How would it look after surgery? (Photo)

As my nose has a hump once removed would my nose look longer as my nose is quite slim Because I want a nose that fits my face without playing with the tip to much because it... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: My nose is thin and too long for my face, if I get the hump removed would I need to make the tip smaller? (photo)

Hi I really need a rhinoplasty but I want it to fit my face as my nose is thin and long for my face but I am wodering if I get the hump removed would I need to get the tip... READ MORE

Is the healing time for a closed Rhinoplasty the same as an open Rhinoplasty?

Hi I will be having closed rhinoplasty in september I have a hump and a pointy nose will closed rhinoplasty fix all that problems easier or harder than open rhinoplasty and is... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty. Can I get a nose that's completely different to my natural shape? (Photo)

Would I be able to get a nose that looks nowhere near my natural nose shape? Im pisting alone my picture snd the nose that I really want READ MORE

Smoking before Rhinoplasty surgery, 10 days pre-op.

Hi I have exatcly 10 days from today for my rhinoplasty closed surgery I am smoking and havent quite before pre op would that cause any difficulties for the surgent when... READ MORE

Sneezing around 3/4 times a day - what does this indicate?

I am 1 month post op after rhinoplasty and im sneezing regulary through the day I dont have a cold or anything also I do sneeze through the mouth but my concern is why am I... READ MORE

Lumps in my nostrils post op rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

I am 1 month post op after rhinoplasty I am worried I have lots of humpy skin or cartilage(not sure what to call it) inside my nostrils is this normal? READ MORE

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Sorry i ment are they before u had treatment done ? READ COMMENT

Where do u go? I will go to the harley street one. Is it painful? And the pictures u have uploaded are they before and laser treatment u had? READ COMMENT

Hi do you have pictures of your treatments i would like to see please and how many sessions you had so far i want half of my eyebrows removed as its to close to my nose READ COMMENT

Thank you:) will do still very swollon READ COMMENT