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35 Yo Asian Male, Lower Eyelid Bag Treatment (Always Asked, "Are You Tired?") - Aliso Viejo, CA

I would always get asked at work " Are you tired?" or always get the comment "Wow, you look tired ! you musta been up late!" . It gets old REALLY fast, considering I was rarely tired and usually had a good nights rest. Comments like that pretty much shoot your entire day, and also makes you pretty self conscious if it happens enough. I started doing research on how to fix bags under the eyes... READ MORE

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Yes, it was a trasconjunctival bleph with fat repositioning. just so you know, its the best decision i made, totally worth it ! READ COMMENT

Glad i could help, and hang in there, the swelling will go down.... i kept up a really low sodium diet during my recovery that I believe really helped, so if youre not doing so already, would highly recommend you explore that as an option. READ COMMENT