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Alar Base Skin Not Fully Attached - Jagged

Don't know what to think yet. I'm only one month post. The overall nose is fairly straight if considering if the PS did a good job on that. If it is not for the jagged scar on the side of my nose, I would be fairly happy.I had alar base rhinoplasty a month ago and the wound had closed from both sides of my nose. The right side looks pretty good (not perfect yet), but the closure on the left... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Surgery to Remove Muscles in Upper Lid

I'm Asian, and had blepharoplasty to remove some muscles in my upper lid in order to bring out my natural crease and to awaken my eyes.Cons: My eyes actually look smaller since I can barely open them. Folds are not perfect. I don't look like myself anymore.Pros: None yet. It's about 10 days after my surgery, but my lids are still "funny looking". One side has two creases (the new one... READ MORE

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Don't waste your money on Fraxel. I have similar issues like you and Fraxel didn't do anything for me. I have also wasted a lot of money in the past just trying to undue the damage from teenage acne. In fact, I still get acne here... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your response June. It is good to hear that someone with a similar scar had seen improvements with time. Did you have a sort of pot hole also on the jagged side? Besides the incision being jagged, a part of it seemed to be... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the support Steban. I'll try to remain optimistic. READ COMMENT