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29yrs. Old, 5'0, 2 C-sections...much Needed Mommy Makeover - Tijuana, MX

New to all this. Not even sure if this is where I blog my experience. And totally skeptical about doing this. Specially about posting pictures. Buuttt...I have learned a little bit here & there from seeing ppl's pictures & reading their reviews. So if I can help out @ least 1 or 2 ppl thru out this whole process...than why not right?? So as it states above..I am 29yrs. old, 5'0 tall, weigh... READ MORE

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Sorry for the super late response. Regarding the kid situation...2 weeks I was able to handle most things, but definitely not lift em up. Bathing em was sooooo tiring, since I would have to bending over so much. My son was a kicker when... READ COMMENT

Oh & definitely get stool softners & milk of magnesia. I lasted like 4 or 5 days (I think...don't remember exact amt of days..sorry) w/o pooping...hated it! Dr. also had to prescribe something for my stomach cuz since I was so bloated... READ COMMENT

But my boobs, butt & belly button are fantastic!! Butt u can't really tell much was done, but I can feel the difference. Which is exactly wut I wanted. READ COMMENT

Hi sorry for the super late response. So regarding Dr. SaldaƱa...the experience as a whole was ok. Can't say good or great due to him always being so busy, so he doesn't really take the time to dedicate himself entirely to u during his ... READ COMMENT exciting! It's just around the corner actually. Yay! :) far as wut I found super useful was: Toilet seat riser...only used it for the 1st 2 days, but was super needed. ZzzQuil to take @ night....since ur sleeping... READ COMMENT