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Can leaking silicone breast implants (especially old implants) cause fibromyalgia ?

If a silicone breast implant leaks, will it spread through the body or stay in the breast area ? READ MORE

Is it best to get a breast lift after the implants have been taken out?

I am wanting my breast implants removed & also to have a breast lift (maybe). Implants are 25 years old & they are still soft (always have been), just have sagged a bit after... READ MORE

I'm wanting to get my breast implants taken out. Would they be taken out through the same scar?

I am wanting to get my breast implants taken out. They have been put in through the bottom part of the areola. Would they be taken out through the same scar ? And for a breast... READ MORE

What are the complications of having a Breast Lift at the same time as an explant? (photo)

I have had breast implants for 24 years & are wanting them out (I am now 45). I would like a minor lift as well. My breasts have always been quite soft & supple (never hard) &... READ MORE

Old implants - 28 years post-op, do I need to worry?

I have had my implants in for about 28 years now. They are very soft (& always has been, just sagged a bit) & I had breast fed two babies with no problems. Should I be... READ MORE

Mammogram with breast implants? Risk of rupture.

Im at that age where I need to be having mammograms. Im very concerned that a mammogram will rupture my breast implants (as they are 28 years old !). Is this highly likely to... READ MORE

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I had mine put through the bottom of the areola. I am wanting to get mine out to. Did you get any dimpling/dentation/pulling on the scar ? Are the scars healing ok & quickly ? READ COMMENT

Congratulations! Your breasts look better without implants. READ COMMENT

Congratulations on your explant ! I want to do the same thing. You look great. This could be a silly question, did you have your implants put through around the areola ? Did they not want to take out the implants through the same way? READ COMMENT

I so wish I could get my implants out now.... READ COMMENT