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Is my belly button still healing....will it change and look better? Will my belly button cave in more? (photos)

I had TUBA breast augmentation done on May 14, 2014. My concern is my belly button. To me it looks terrible, nothing like it used to look like at least when I am standing up... READ MORE

Will my breasts fluff and be perky like they used to be before my Breast Augmentation? What can I do to help them fluff up?

I had a breast augmentation done on 5-14-14 and explanted on 6-3-14. I had 270cc saline under the muscle. I was a 32 A before my BA with very perky breasts. Now, I am flat as a... READ MORE

Do I need to wear a compression band or sports bra after Breast Implant Removal 2 days ago? If so, which is best?

I had a breast aug. 5-14-14 & on 6-3-14 I removed my 270cc saline implants that were placed under the muscle. What is best to wear during my healing process? I have inframmary... READ MORE

Will I have the same sized breasts as I did before my breast augmentation? What can I do to fluff them up? (photos)

I had 270cc saline under the muscle placed on 5-14-14 and explanted 6-3-14 because I could not stand the feel of them. The incisions were made from the bottom of my breasts. I... READ MORE

Why do I randomly get a sharp pain on my left breast incision? It feels like someone poked me with a thick a needle.

I had breast augmentation Saline 270cc under muscle on 5-14-14 and removed them 6-3-14. I was up while the surgeon pulled out the implants. I know that he really struggled... READ MORE

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Has anyone else had breast augmentation through the belly button?

I had a breast augmentation through the belly button on 5-14-14. I really do not like the appearance of my belly button when I stand up. It just doesn't look normal. I don't... READ MORE

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Thank you...I will do my best to keep a positive attitude through this time of my life :) READ COMMENT

Okay thank you for everything! I just hope mine fluff up too and hopefully end up like my pre op :) READ COMMENT

Do you think the tight sports bra really helped when it came to shaping your breasts? I know you mentioned in your journey that you gained weight....Do you suppose your weight gain helped fluff up your breasts or add volume to them?... READ COMMENT

I just hope to bounce back because it has been very hard on me. Plus, it is very stressful when some surgeons tell you that I will not change while others say I will bounce back. I am trying my best to be positive and praying that I... READ COMMENT

I am doing my best to focus on the positive things, I am healthy and alive. A very hard lesson indeed. What I need is time to go by for now. I need my incisions to heal and hopefully my breasts to fluff back up. READ COMMENT