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Home Single Needling and Dermarolling

I'm only starting this review because I'm doing it at home and just started. After much research and debate, I'm pretty sure my plan is to dermaroll once every week, and then single needle the deep, static "11"'s between my brows. This will be my only area of treatment for now. Will comment if that changes. READ MORE

47 Y/o Female Upper Lid Blepharoplasty & Lower Lid CO2 Laser Touch Up - Webster, TX

I'm a returning patient of Dr. Clariday, now 72 hours post Upper Blepharoplasty with Lower Lid CO2 touch up. Yick, sharp stinging, weeping and greasy after care for laser, however, I'm happy so far with being able to see my eyelids again! Wonderful nice staff, conscious sedation, and so far so good. Ahhh, the swelling has improved, but oh that nasty laser touch up under my eyes is driving... READ MORE

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I'm at 4 months now. No changes to the scars. Still bumpy and noticeable no matter what I use on them. My eyelids always feel like they have something sticky in my creases when I blink. Ive given up on make up because it amplifies the... READ COMMENT

My recovery would have only been the standard two weeks, but I had a little reaction to a suture that got left behind or something. Other than that, I was back at work on day 8 (around there) with sutures still in. READ COMMENT

Thank you for words of hope :) I'll watch for your update. Have a great Monday!! READ COMMENT

Tightness will eventually resolve. I make sure to gently massage inner and out corner bumps in the morning and night with some type of moisturizer and a quip. Loosens things up a bit for the day. Just stay moisturizer. Some tightness... READ COMMENT

Same thing happened to me at about 6 weks out I noticed it. The roundness is supposed to resolve when healing is done. I can't post pics in this thread but on my initial post, my pics are there. I'm now about 8 wks out and they have... READ COMMENT