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Overall Bronzing and Cystic Acne After Fraxel Restore

I had 3 Fraxel Restores with the last being on May 10th. My 2nd treatment, I broke out with a handful of cysts which I was told was normal. After my 3rd treatment, I broke out... READ MORE

Skin Product Allergy (TNS Recovery)

After a long Realself search, I came to the conclusion that TNS Recovery was the best choice to protect my Fraxel Restored skin. I am still having a little residual... READ MORE

If Fraxel Restore Coagulates the Epidermal and Dermal Tissue.....

If Fraxel coagulates the epidermal and dermal tissue, then what happens to the veins and lymph system? Do they die, reattach or form angiogenesis (veins, of course)? If the... READ MORE

Future Hyperpigmentation from the Fraxel Restore

After my 3rd Restore (25,30,35) in early June, I developed PIH (overall bronzing as well) which is resolving the hydroquinone (Clear) and Nia 24. I plan to add Retin A in the... READ MORE

MTZ (Dots, Dimples) from Fraxel Restore

I am 3 months post 3 series of Fraxel restores (20,25,35). I hyperpigmented on my last one which I am prone to do. It resolved quickly; however, my biggest concern are these... READ MORE

How to Keep Facial Pores Healthy?

Is is possible that moderate use of Retin A, peels, microderms, and lasers can cause pore walls to breakdown more quickly? Or is the bottom line - collagen support? READ MORE

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