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Juvederm on Sides of Mouth and Under Eyes

I had folds on the sides of my mouth that i hated. that is all i saw as I looked at myself. I found a reputable plastic surgeon and I had on vial of juvederm injected in both sides.The results were instant and i was happy. But new little folds have developed (3 weeks later) and the doctor suggested that i massage them. When i massage them, it moves around and sometimes READ MORE

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I had juvederm under my eyes 2 years ago and it ended up with 2 surgeries to correct what it did.. I still don't feel like myself. The hollows are gone but something doesn't look right. I don't think juvederm is supposed to... READ COMMENT

I bruise really bad each time I get either radiesse or juvederm. This time i'm on my 12th day and the bruising is just about gone. I use arnica (3x strength) from whole foods and it helps a lot. I've tried to go without it and it takes... READ COMMENT

Hi. I had fraxel repair done too about a month ago and my doctor told me to use Neutrogena and Aveena since they are the most natural and won't irritate your skin. I'm still using the creme they gave me with the kit for nights or when... READ COMMENT

I just had laser done on top of juvederm, botox, and radiesse. My doctor said that the laser is on the two top layers and the fillers are underneath, and aren't affected. I was worried that all the money I had spent on the fillers would... READ COMMENT

Sorry this happened. I just had my naso folds done too a few weeks ago and my doctor used Radiesse and from what i understand Botox freezes the muscles and that is not an area where you want that result. She should have used either... READ COMMENT