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Finally don't have to worry about my nose anymore

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26 Nov 2016, Created 10 months ago

Matthew Bridges, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Bridges was great. He listened to me during my consultation and did what was best for both of our interests. He's an ENT so he took my breathing into account as well as the desired shape of my nose without doing too much. He even gave me a discount because it was just a finesse rhinoplasty. I'm still only 5 weeks post op with swelling but when I don't have blockage, I can definitely... READ MORE

Still deciding....

Like everyone else here I've always hated my nose and can't wait to have it fixed. There's always been things that I've wanted in the same price range that make me guilty for even thinking about it, like to travel or get a better car, but I just feel like having a rhinoplasty would lift a huge weight off my shoulder since it's something I know I've always was going to get and have wanted it as... READ MORE

Questions from littlebird22

How to fix my long face? (photos)

I feel I have a shapeless and undefined face. I have "jowls" that cast shadows near my mouth and flat cheekbones as well as a long face and large nose with a deviated septum.... READ MORE

How long after rhinoplasty should I be worried about hitting or bumping it?

Im also a pretty clumsy person in general and I like to play around with my dog and boyfriend so I'm worried about damaging my nose afterward by not being careful enough. I... READ MORE

Boyfriend threw a sock at my face 6 days after rhinoplasty?

It wasn't super hard but it hurt a little. I've also bumped the nostrils up and toward the top of the nose on accident while sleepy, and am worried this will effect the shape... READ MORE

When can my dog sleep in bed with me after rhinoplasty?

I'm almost 2 weeks post op, and she's been sleeping with my boyfriends grandma for now downstairs. My boyfriend is anxious to get her back but she wakes me up to go downstairs... READ MORE

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He does, but I don't have any credit unfortunately so I think i would get denied. READ COMMENT

I'm going to have to postpone it because I had to buy a new car :/ READ COMMENT

I live in Chicago and am considering rhinoplasty. Who was your surgeon? You can private message me if you want. If it's only been two days you could just be going through swelling. A lot of noses look piggish and weird at first but... READ COMMENT

You remind me of Olivia Wilde! So pretty. READ COMMENT

What an adorable nose!! Perfect for your face. Would you mind messaging me the name of the doctor? READ COMMENT