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Cleavage to die for! Saline Moderate Profile - Rockville, MD

I have seen dr.tattlebaum in rockville md twice for sizing. He is an incredibly professional man with an eye for aesthetics. I am torn between a hp 325 saline or a moderate kinda hoping he fills it up more to 315 personally. I am 30 with one 4 yr old thst i breast fed for 6 months. I am 4ft 11 and approx 111lbs. Petite. I am a nude model and dancer so my very lively hood depends on... READ MORE

Beestung Pornstar Lips

It has been 7 hours since I got the juvederm injections. Im swollen badly and in pain. Im icing every so often and took tylenol. I feel better. The swelling makes my lips uneven. The injections did hide how past lip piercings disfigured my lower lip..which I like. I also got botox on my forehead. The doctor numbed my lips and had me ice the area also. I will update as time goes on. The... READ MORE

Questions from bthcas

How long should an exotic dancer wait to go back to work? (Photo)

I can easily skip all pole work but after BA how long should an exotic dancer wait to perform on stage? The compression strap is quite ugly. READ MORE

Is this a skin rash or infection? 5 months post op saline (Photo)

I woke up one day and noticed this red splotch on my left breast. It is slightly tender to the touch and seems to have a small lump under it. It feels itchy. Should i go to a... READ MORE

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Miralax or metamucil READ COMMENT

He got the slope im obsessed with perfect! Even with round implants! He is a gifted doctor! READ COMMENT

Thats why i have to wait 3 years to save up! Plus save $ for not being able to work for 2 to 3 months. I plan on getting a loan plus using my care credit. Then i can finally go to the beach and be happy! READ COMMENT

I got. Some flexeril from my doctor at my appointment and the weird twitches have already stopped. Thank god! He really does care about his patients! Best doctor i ever met! READ COMMENT