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It's hard to know if what works for one person will work for another, but my daughter moisturized like crazy while on accutane and still does. Before Accutane she wouldn't dare moisturize her face. She now thinks that not moisturizing... READ COMMENT

My daughter finished her course in August. She had no results until the end of the 4th month (and was getting so discouraged) but now her skin is amazing like baby skin. No scars or visible pores! I can't even believe how great it looks... READ COMMENT

What dosage did they start you on? Take it after you eat food that has some fat in it so that it absorbs better. It can take 8-10 weeks to start to see results, so try to be patient. My daughter started it 2 months ago. She had pretty... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the update. You look fantastic! How are the scars? More or less than you expected? If you post pics again, would you mind posting a close-up of the scars by your ear so that I know what to expect? Thanks!! READ COMMENT