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I had my br surgery July 3 2014 and feel exactly the way you do! You were very smart to have this surgery at age 20. I waited till I was 47 and spent most of my life embarrassed and attempting to hide my large dd breast. I have... READ COMMENT

It is very true what you've said about wanting to be the other extreme of what we have lived with most our lives. I believe that we don't want to be in pain and defined by the size of our breasts any longer. I did not tell very many... READ COMMENT

Now that I am almost 3 months post op I am definitely smaller than I thought initially. I had drains for a week, so I think that may have limited the swelling some. You are possibly retaining more fluids. You are obviously much smaller... READ COMMENT

As soon as you wake up, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest, even with the tape, gauze and surgical bra. Everyone told me that and I didn't believe it but you truly will feel like you can breath easier. I too was... READ COMMENT

Hello! I had my br July 3rd and just finally went last week to get sized at Victoria Secret. I had been buying cheaper bras till I was sure I was healed and closer to my true size. I am very happy to say I went from a 36DD, 5'2, 145 lb... READ COMMENT