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Melasma requires daily treatment, it may almost disappear completely (but temporarily) after applying HQ for few weeks. As soon as you stop using HQ (and allow your skin to 'breathe' and re-fresh up) melasma appears again! And if you... READ COMMENT

Unfortunately this treatment is only temporary and comes with side effects. I have already paid a huge price. Melasma is not treatable! READ COMMENT

If you were applying the dangerous chemical called hydroquinone (products) and your melasma or spots were disappearing and you thought it was goodbye to the dark marks, well I am sorry to say this but you got it all wrong! I am the... READ COMMENT

Hydroquinone WILL make your skin thin. I am saying this by experience. If you step out in the sun or even cook or stand near any type of heat such as iron, or stove or hot shower etc, your face will become red and sore. People around... READ COMMENT

If you put a thick coating on your face at night, then doesn't it get rubbed off on the pillow? Unless if you are sleeping on your back whole night long. I am sure the oil doesn't get absorbed into the skin. READ COMMENT