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Need to Dissolve Lumps in Lip from Fortelis - Toronto, ON

They were not able to achieve the kind of lip look that I wanted.... put too much in my cupid's bow and made me look manly and rough around my mouth, dissolved that with hyaluronidase but still have lumps in my inner, upper lip... it covers my teeth when I smile which looks odd...throws my face off balance, makes me look awkward. Updated Dec 9, 2009 Can someone please answer my... READ MORE

Questions from Desertflower1

Is it Possible for Injectable Filler to Still be in My Lips 3 Years After Being Injected?

I had Teosyal KISS and Fortelis Extra injected in my lips and upper lips area. Although it has flattened out, another doctor had injected widase to dissolve some of the... READ MORE

Scar Tissue in Lip Philtrum Area. Can Bromelain or 5-FU Help to Dissolve This?

I have some fortelis and teosyal kiss (2 vials - too much) injected in my lips 3 years ago. I'm not sure if what I have left over in the philtrum area is still filler or... READ MORE

Does the Amount of Filler Also Determine How Long It Lasts? (photo)

I had Teosyal Kiss and Fortelis extra injected 3.5 years ago. I had an ultrasound done in the area on top of my lips (philtrum area) and it did not show scar tissue...just soft... READ MORE

Over Production of Collagen in Area Above Lips from Fillers Done Years Ago - Possible to Reduce to Original? (photo)

I received hyuloronic acid fillers in my lips and the doctor also injected too much in the cupid's bow area which spread all over the area above my lips creating a thicker look... READ MORE

I Was over Injected with Teosyal Kiss and Fortelis Extra - 3.5 Years Ago?

It was injected into my lips and the area on top of my lips as well. Anyway...most of the product has disappeared.... but I know this product has stimulated my own collagen... READ MORE

Can filler not dissolve for some?

Whatever filler ive used dissolves very slowly or not at this normal? Teosyal kiss and fortelis lasted more than 5 years in my lips and philtrum (still some or mayb... READ MORE

Recent comments from Desertflower1

I dont remember whether vitrase has premixed steroid solution in it or not (wydase does)...make sure it doesnt cuz steroid solution kills collagen fibers.... pure hyaloronidase only... I hope they fix the problem n u feel the way u did... READ COMMENT

Its been 5 years since i had my lips injected and id say 60% of it has dissolved. I also had a dent where hyaloronidase was injected and my skin was thin in that area..triangular dent on top of my lips..... the collagen rebuilt itself... READ COMMENT

Try googling 'Serrapeptase'. I had tepsya; 3 years has gone down a lot. I've been doing everything to even out the philtrum (top of upper lip area) and it has flattened out a lot, also with exercises for circulation to rid your... READ COMMENT