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Best Way to Remove Fat Graft to Face?

Hi, I am looking at removing a fat graft to my lower cheeks. I had it done two years ago when I was 26 and too much fat "took" and I really dislike the look of it. I... READ MORE

Post Liposuction: Why Do You Need to Keep Your Head Elevated and Wear a Compression Garment?

Hi I just had liposuction on my cheeks yesterday (previously had fat transferred there). The doctor had told me to keep my head elevated when sleeping with two pillows and wear... READ MORE

How to Remove Internal Scar After Fat Transfer? (photo)

I have had two liposuction operations on my lower cheeks in Dec 2011 and 2012 to remove some fat from a fat transfer operation. They were partly successful, but I am left with... READ MORE

How Much 5 Fu is Used for Internal Scar in Cheeks? (photo)

Hi I have some firm scar tissue in my cheeks after fat transfer. I was advised that 5 fu combined with steroid (kenalog) may be helpful (mixture of 1cc of Kenalog (10mg/cc)... READ MORE

Can a facelift incision for a male be placed behind the hairline above sideburn? (Photo)

Hi doctors, I would like to get a conservartive facelift to reduce the appearance of some scar tissue in my lower cheeks (see photo). I don't have saggy skin so I don't need it... READ MORE

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You definitely don't need a jaw reduction.. don't do it. You look good, don't ruin it. READ COMMENT

Wow you look amazing! Glad you had such a great result! READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear about your story. I have also been a victim of a completely botched operation 5 years ago. My surgeon was at least apologetic as he was aware I could sue him. To be honest the experience was so stressful I just could not... READ COMMENT

The after pics look great. It is hard to tell the difference though as the pics aren't very clear. READ COMMENT

Great result, congrats!! Also thanks for putting proper pics up, so tiring seeing all these blurry before or after pics. READ COMMENT