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Scared, Anxious, Nervous Revision Rhinoplasty - Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I'm currently going through a bunch of emotions after having my first rhinoplasty March 2016. I don't want to speak too much on it emotionally because it's super negative and made me really depressed for months. I'm currently approaching my 5 month post op mark. I've literally spoke with a dozen doctors, had consults on skype, spoke to a few in person and I think I found a winner. Dr... READ MORE


Hello guys, so I've decided to go to Columbia this time for my BBL. I previously did a review on my experience in D.R where I had a breast augmentation. I went from an A cup to a 34C. They're very full.. sometimes a little too full for my liking lol. I guess it because I wanted a "B cup". Anyway I really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Duran. My reasoning for going to Columbia this time is just... READ MORE

Ready for my Purrfect Shape Again! - Soon to be Duran Doll!!!!!! :)

Hi, I'm looking to get a breast augmentation (a full C) and liposuction. I contacted Dr Yily & got an immediate response. I was quoted $4,000 for a breast augmentation and liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits (not arms), flanks and waist. Also if I decide to want a Brazilian Butt Lift (includes hips) the total will be $4500. The quote also recommended these two recovery houses. The... READ MORE

Questions from Purrfectme

Hi I wanted to ask is it normal after a rhinoplasty to feel as if your tip is longer than before surgery? Or possibly too high?

If so is this just swelling or will it stay elongated? saw a "right after surgery" picture while still on the table and it looked cute, but now the pics at ten days post op... READ MORE

Is it possible after a rhinoplasty for a pointy tip to drop and become round? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty on March 26th and I know I've just made two weeks post op today but I feel like my tip is extremely exaggerated. My doctor isn't local and I just got back... READ MORE

My nostrils are too small, and septum is deviated after Rhinoplasty. Does this sound normal? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty 20 days ago and I'm currently hating my results. I specifically asked for subtle changes & woke up to a whole new nose. My nose is longer, tip pointier,... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse an Osteotomy and make my nose wider again? (Photo)

I flew out of the country 35 days ago to Colombia to get a rhino. I asked for the doctor to lift my tip some but don't make my nose pointy or skinny. I literally woke up to... READ MORE

During rhinoplasty when a doctor "thins" the skin does it ever return thick again? I really don't like my nose thin. (Photo)

I had my rhinoplasty out of the country & the language barrier is difficult. My doctor said he fractured something & "made it thin". I don't understand but I do notice my... READ MORE

Seeking Revision Rhinoplasty info. Does reverse Osteotomy's exist? Is it possible to break the bones and widen the nose? (photo)

I was told by a doctor that I could benefit from having an "Osteotomy to make the middle third wider". He said he feels as if the "internal nasal valve" has collapsed. When I... READ MORE

Is it possible to safety reverse an Osteotomy?

I would like to get an out fracture to make the bridge of my nose wider again. The doctor left my bridge looking pinched. READ MORE

How would a surgeon correct an internal nasal valve collapse & perforated septum? What causes these two to happen?

I was told I have an internal nasal valve collapse and a perforated septum. The hole is 1-1.5mm and is in the midsection of my septum. How bad is this? Can it be fixed safely?... READ MORE

Why does Rhinoplasty make the skin on your nose so oily and shiny afterwards? (photos)

I'm almost 5 months post op and the skin on/around my nose is still super shiny and oily. Will this ever get back to normal? Also how can I tell if my tip is still swollen or... READ MORE

Recent comments from Purrfectme

Hi!! Will you post any more photos again? I'm considering Dr Hamilton also. READ COMMENT

Hello I'm doing much better mentally. I haven't had my revision as yet though. READ COMMENT

Hi! I'm so sorry to hear smh. I was really hoping to go with dr Hamilton but the price is sadly too much for me. He seems like a very skilled surgeon so I do wish I could go to him. And yes many surgeons have acted as if the perforation... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry to hear this. I actually have a curve at my tip right now from my previous rhino and was looking at Dr Hamilton to fix my curve & perforation but now after reading this I am second guessing going to him. I'm so sorry you're... READ COMMENT