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Water retention above the tear trough after fillers.

I had tear trough done 2 months ago with restylane. My doctor is experienced and injected only a minimal amount for a first session and this under the muscle and in the cheeks.... READ MORE

2 months post op, puffy tear trough after perlane, on one side. Why is it happening and what can I do about it?

I had perlane (the one which less absorbs water;-) done deeply for TT by a very good dr. 2 months ago; puffiness still here, just above the TT. The dr normally does it in 3... READ MORE

Had Hyaluronidase to correct bags under right tear trough caused by Perlane. The eye is now worse, should I remove all fillers?

After perlane, I was left with a pretty good result in the left TT but fluid retention on the right which created mini bags and a dent. So we go for hyaluronidase. My dr... READ MORE

Is it safe to use dermaroller on a fairly new scar?

Is it safe to use derma roller (1m) on 3/4 months swallow scar old from laser? (Setting were far too high)? The scars are very superficial, look like scarred pores and lines... READ MORE

Upper blepharoplasty. Left incision not the crease. Why did he put the incision higher w/ the more sagging lid? (photo)

Hi. I have a upper bleph + canthopexy & fat transfer to upper eyelids 2 weeks ago. My PS is experienced but my right eye incision is not in the crease. I developed little... READ MORE

3 weeks after CO2 laser fractional I am left with little bumps all over my eyelids, what can I do? (Photos)

After laser fractional I am left with bumps like syringoma or milia. Is it going to pass? It is almost all over!! It is even more visible when I lift the brow. I am quite worry... READ MORE

Best way to erase syringomas with CO2?

After having plexr 3 months ago for uppereyelids tightening I have left with plaques of little syringomas (or enlarged sweats glands all over the upper lids) due to... READ MORE

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Stunning results! wow! READ COMMENT

Beautiful! You look so refresh and young! Natural!! I think I am going to try with my dark circles of 39 yo! READ COMMENT

Hi, I had the same problem than you with an injector who put perlane. Swelling, unnatural wrinkles appeared... I was so depressed! Hyaluronidase left me dents, dark circle I have never had ( I had only light tear trough deformity at the... READ COMMENT

Hi. I know it is a very old post but anyway, I just want to tell how Volbella is different! I tried the fillers for the first time in the tear trough area ( for minor trough but I am in my late 30th), and the doctor used perlane which... READ COMMENT

Go for fractional CO2 the most powerful ( like Fraxis from Ilooda) or Pearl fractional, devices are designed for peri oral and under lid delicate areas. I have been very pleased with the CO2 around the eyes. Downtime has been 5/6 days... READ COMMENT