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43yrs, Explant After 10 Yrs. Hi-profile, Smooth 390, Saline - Long Beach, CA

Ok, so my right implant deflated 2 days before my 43rd birthday! right at the 10 yr mark when warranty expired..Kinda funny really. I never had any problems or complications with the implants, during that time, so Ive always felt I was lucky. When this happened I wasn't sure if I wanted to replace or explant, but then I did some research and was in disbelief when I found that many women with... READ MORE

Questions from dulcev

Is removing scar tissue after explant necessary if I have stage one contracture? No replacement. (photos)

My right breast implant ruptured almost 3 weeks ago, after 10 yrs. Have never had any complications, previously. I'm wondering if removal of scar tissue is absolutely necessary... READ MORE

What are the chances I develop capsular contracture with 1st replacement of saline implants?

My saline implant ruptured a week ago, after 11 yrs. I never had any complications or contracture. Im afraid that the chances of contracture will go up with a re-augmentation,... READ MORE

Is there such a procedure as just suturing the two capsules together after explant, no capsule removal ?

I hadn't heard of this.. explanting and suturing the two sides of capsule to close, without any removal, if scar tissue is pliable, with pocket closed no drain needed?? Is this... READ MORE

Is it possible to still have saline in ruptured implant after 5 wks? I still have some volume. (Photo)

This is nagging at me... its been almost 5 weeks since rupture. I was expecting to go flatter, hasn't happened. Is it possible to still have some saline left in the implant?... READ MORE

Why do so many breasts end up looking deformed after explants?

Im scheduled for explant in a week, Im reading other women experiences with explants and Im wondering WHY so many have ended up with very uneven, deformed breast?? Many have... READ MORE

44 yrs young and it's been 1 1/2 years since explant. Now want to re-do breasts with small implants. (Photo)

I would like to get an idea of what my options are in getting a more natural look with a smaller implant. I had 390, high profile, smooth, saline, partial over/under muscle. I... READ MORE

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Hi Miss Trev, Since my explant I haven't felt the constant fatigue, brain fog, and my eyes have been clear and comfortable. I'm really hoping I continue to feel better. I had 390 smooth saline, for 10+ years. READ COMMENT