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PLEASE take the time to find a professional, caring and knowledgeable surgeon.

Im 29.. I have a ten, eight and 2 yr old. Ive had two csections and my gallbladder removed. Im so happy I'm actually getting a tummy tuck in july! I paid cash this past friday and theres no turning back! I have a really big gut! Its been a major problem for me.. It makes me extremely insecure. I have confidence and i feel pretty but my stomach holds me back from a lot.It sucks standing up cuz... READ MORE

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Does it sound like I could possibly have a seroma or hematoma?

I had a tummy tuck 9 days ago. The left side of my stomach is way more swollen than the right. Its very visible even with the binder on. I still have drains in. The left side... READ MORE

Does this look like an infection? My PS thinks it's from my binder. I just want a second opinion. (Photo)

Im 15 days post op ett. My incision is splitting open... I have a before pic when I noticed a difference and then 3 days later its way worse. Ive been more active the past cpl... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Tummy Tuck, what could be wrong with my belly button?

My belly button looks black and its leaking smelly brown fluid. I went and seen my surgeon today and he told me to stuff it with gauze with antibiotic. He also took out the... READ MORE

My incision has one area that is taking a while to close. Does this look serious? (photo)

Im 5 weeks post op come this thursday. My incision has one area that can not make up its mind if it wants to close or not. It looks more open than it was previously. I see my... READ MORE

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