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Do not book DR ORTEGA for a bbl he is total waste. worst experience ever!!!!

I am doing my research on affordable doctors in Miami. Which are the best doctors there? How was your experience, did you get the desired result, any complications, service experience ? How much did you pay for flights, surgery, accommodation,the break down and all inclusive? I am thinking of Dr Mel Ortega - any recommendations on him? Looking in to doctors in DR such DR DURAN, DR... READ MORE

Questions from zaman32

Waist cincher advise

Which material and brand waist cincher is safe to wear on two weeks pre op surgery? i would like to contour my abdomen, flanks including bra rolls area READ MORE

I am 2 weeks post op with my BBL. Can walking 3-4 hours a day affect BBL results?

I am 2 weeks post op with my bbl. Can walking 3-4 hours a day affect bbl results? Eg fat survival. Can any doctors please give me some advice. I do not sit at all. But may do... READ MORE

Can I add salt to food after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

Are there any risks adding salt in foods after having this surgery? what will happen if i do? READ MORE

Needed advice traveling on airplane after 6 days post op Brazilian But Lift surgery

Would a firm, rolled up yoga mat placed under thighs be suitable to travel for a 9 hour flight? is it true it cuts if blood circulation? I heard it gives the pins and needles... READ MORE

Advice needed after having a BBL exercise. Is it OK for me to exercise at this stage?

I am on 12 weeks of my recovery stage of my BBL. Is it ok for me to exercise at this stage? Will I loose further volume? What types of exercises are recommended to shape and... READ MORE

Does the butt grow after a bbl??

I hear alot of girls writing on realself that w butt has grown since they had a bbl. is this true does this actually happen? Does certain exercise or diet changes and increases... READ MORE

Advice needed on 2nd BBL (Photo)

I had a 12 area lipo with bbl 6 months ago. I am not happy with the shape and butt volume. The butt seems empty from the top with slight uneven volume at bottom and dimples.... READ MORE

BBL 6 months post-op. Advice needed

Since I have started the gym I'm mostly doing bottom half workouts. I use the cross trainer half an hour. My butt has lost half inches its on 40 and half inches. What do you... READ MORE

Advice needed for a BBL? (Photo)

I had a bbl performed 9 months ago. Since then my face looks bigger and chubbier. I gain weight in my arms. My skin has darkened since this surgery. Is this all normal? . I can... READ MORE

Round 2 BBL advice. Do I have enough fat? Will round 2 give me more projection? (Photo)

With the pictures provided. Do I have enough fat for a round 2? Will a round 2 give me more projection and better volume? I need lipo on inner thighs, arms, full back, full... READ MORE

Wanting a chin and jawline Lipo. Any suggestions?

Any doctors have any offers for this procedure? Are the results permanent? What is the recovery process and big will the scar be? READ MORE

If I get a bbl revision, can I use the same areas to extract fat? (Photo)

I had a bbl with 12 areas lipo from full back, stomach, flanks, stomach, abdomen and this was 1 year ago. If I get a round 2 bbl will same areas of fat be good to use? Can I... READ MORE

Chin and jawline liposuction advice needed. Can I achieve the shape similar to my wish pictures? (Photo)

I am looking to get liposuction on chin / jawline. I would like a toned shapely jawline. With no fat left after at all. Which liposuction is best for my case. I am 27 years old... READ MORE

Round 2 BBL. Will the same areas of fat be good to use?

I had a bbl with 12 areas lipo from full back, stomach, flanks, stomach, abdomen and this was 1 year ago. If I get a round 2 bbl will same areas of fat be good to use? Can I... READ MORE

Fat transfer to upper cheeks and chin lipo? (Photos)

I would like roundness and fullness in my upper cheek and chin and jawline lipped looking more defined. Can any Dr give me result the result of the wish picture?? I would like... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty advice needed from doctors please? (Photos)

I am very unhappy with my nose. My side profile of the face makes my face look longer due to the length and tip of the nose. Can you please advise if this is a safe, long... READ MORE

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What is the Best Country and Affordable Place to Get a Brazilian Butt Surgery - Any Recommendations?

I would like to get a Brazilian butt lift through fat transfer from my stomach, love handles, back and injected in to my buttocks. I want a hour glass shape, a butt that will... READ MORE

bbl with dr Ortega march 2015

Anyone want to buddy up or share costs for the studio flat i have booked off airbnb. Any girls from vanity / dr ortega . Aswell share costs with transportation and assist each... READ MORE

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She has changed her number. Do you have her new number READ COMMENT

Anyone knows if bori123 (Amy) is still doing recovery for girls? Do you have her new number READ COMMENT

Anyone has bori123 (Amy) new contact number?? Is she still helping girls with recovery. Any update from her?? Please inbox me READ COMMENT