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Hyaluronidase DOES Dissolve Your Own Collagen - Tucson, AZ

Had restylane in my lips. Noticed a small lump above on the left top lip, very small area. Nurse offered to dissolve it, so I said okay. Within hour I could tell it looked worse, there was a dent in my left top lip that ad not been there before. Returned twice to add more filler to try to fix it. Lips filler is so painful imo that I finally just gave up on fixing it. I doubt it's... READ MORE

Sciton Contour Ablative Laser Resurfacing After Face and Eye Lifting - Tucson, AZ

At my consultation we agreed that resurfacing would produce the result I wanted after my Facelift, etc which was done exactly 10 weeks ago. See my review here.So last week I consulted with Dr. Maloney and some of his wonderful staff (they are all really friendly, easy to talk to and super nice). We took before and afters from the procedures done on Dec 2 (will see if I can get a better... READ MORE

Facial Rejuvenation at 60, one year later

Was originally planning just upper and lower blephs, but figured I would only do this once, so I'm getting "the works". By the "works" I mean full facelift (which includes necklift), upper and lower blephs, lateral (temporal) browlift, fat transfer and laser resurfacing a month or two after. I am beyond excited, but also nervous, which I'm sure is completely normal. I have pored over the... READ MORE

Juvederm Plumped my Sagging Cheeks Nicely - Tucson, AZ

Was going on vacation and finally decided to try some filler and Botox (posted pics with that one just now). She numbed it first with a cream and it didin't "hurt" but did feel a little strange. I loved it (still do)! I think there was a tiny bit of swelling, which I also loved. Would love more, but it's too expensive for temporary. This experience sent me looking for more permanent... READ MORE

Botox for Crows Feet, Should Have Done This Decades Ago - Tucson, AZ

Been wondering about doing this for years. Saw a summer deal very near my home, with a practitioner I have heard great things about. We were going on vacation and I wanted to try it. She put a little numbing cream on and I couldn't even feel it. It started taking effect while we were traveling (about 5 days?) and I was delighted! These pics aren't the best (and yes, I know I need to get... READ MORE

Been Wanting to Try This for a While, Glad I Finally Did! - Tucson, AZ

Got a great deal on three treatments of the Dermapen by the person who did my botox and filler (only done that once), so I thought why not? Dermapen is a type of microneedling device, but not a roller. I heard about skin needling (Collagen Induction Therapy - CIT) years ago and the science behind it appealed to me. I just got a new camera and took some pics tonite of the same angles as my... READ MORE

Finally Scheduled Consults and had surgery to fix my 60 YO Droopy, Baggy old eyes and I couldn't be more thrilled!

I wanted to share my consultation experiences as I begin this journey. I need "total" facial rejuvenation, however my eyes bother me most, but need more than just cosmetic work. I also have functional issues that involve work that many facial plastic surgeons don't usually do so likely need to be done by an ocular plastic surgeon. Revisions are very complicated so I only want to do this... READ MORE

Questions from StillSouthern

What would be appropriate for these aging baggy eyelids? The right eye is usually lower than the left. (Photo)

60 years old, have thought about eyelid surgery for about 15 years. This pic doesn't show it, but the right eye is usually lower than the left, maybe ptosis? Recently had Botox... READ MORE

Is eyelid ptosis a weak muscle problem and can that muscle be strengthened with exercise?

My understanding of ptosis is that the problem is lax muscle(s) and the correction is a tightening of that muscle, is that correct? I know there are eyelid and face exercises... READ MORE

How to find the best doctor? Reasonable travel is OK but I should be able to find an excellent surgeon within 200 mi? (Photo)

Have read horrors stories here. :( Do I need an oculoplastic surgeon? I have ptosis and other issues (orbital fat herniation, aging eyes, jowling, submental fat, volume) No... READ MORE

Is there a downside to having eyes done first and facelift at a later date?

I originally planned for upper and lower bleph with ptosis repair, and maybe lipo, etc under chin area; probably fat transfer too, but seems a facelift is automatically rec'd... READ MORE

My eyes bother me most, is there a downside to having eyes done first and facelift at a later date?

I originally thought I would get upper and lower bleph with ptosis repair, and maybe lipo, etc under chin area; probably fat transfer, also. However, it seems a facelift is... READ MORE

Are these appropriate credentials for a doctor for upper lower bleph with ptosis? Other face work? I can find no adverse info.

Considering a consult for eye work (qualified for facelift also?) with this doctor. The following is listed on their website (not "exactly" the ones seen on here) - American... READ MORE

How long does it take to heal from ptosis surgery? What are complications? (photos)

I have read where since it involves layers that it could take many months for the eyes to take their final shape? What are potential problems? I know it will vary, looking for... READ MORE

Can a Facelift correct this droopy mouth and marionette lines? I have lots of sag and volume loss. (photo)

Is long lasting correction possible? There are so many options (opinions?), I will only be able to do this once, so I'm looking for the best information to get the best outcome... READ MORE

Does firm thick skin not get as dramatic improvement from facelift as thin damaged skin would??

I have well cared for, sun protected, non smoking skin. I mentioned that while I don't want to look like someone else, dramatic improvement would be good. The doctor said I... READ MORE

Does firm thick skin not get as dramatic improvement from facelift as thin damaged skin would? (Photo)

I have well cared for, sun protected, non smoking skin. I mentioned that while I don't want to look like someone else, dramatic improvement would be good. The doctor said I... READ MORE

Is there an ideal BMI for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I think I've read less than 30? Does this vary depending on how your weight is distributed? For instance, My BMI is almost 31 right now (5'6", 190), but I'm just big around my... READ MORE

My eyes looked like this 30 years ago, how much improvement should I expect? (photos)

Planning surgery very soon. Pictures attached of eyes at about 30 and eyes now, with and without flash. My eyes used to be my best feature and they are my worst now. Dr said my... READ MORE

Could Supratarsal Fixation raise my upper lid crease? Can ptosis correction be elective? (Photo)

1st OcPlas would correct (I think I convinced him to), 2nd OcPlas didn't think it was ptosis, would not fix, 3rd FacPS pointed it out, but will not fix. My reg Opth Dr said it... READ MORE

Is resecting the submandibular glands appropriate for my face/neck lift? (photos)

In addition to lots of defatting and tightening of my neck, the BCPS plans to remove or thin or something to these glands. This sounds pretty scary, and I was told there might... READ MORE

Would you recommend a Lateral brow lift? Yea or nay? (photos)

BCPS suggested lateral brow lift with my Face/neck lift, U/L blephs and fat transfer. (Laser resurfacing 1-2 months after) My brows seem high enough, but I guess it helps with... READ MORE

How important is sleep position after a facelift? How can I learn to sleep on my back?

I am scheduled for a face/necklift with eyes and fat transfer Dec 2. I have lines around my eyes that I can tell are caused from years of sleeping on my side. I am trying to... READ MORE

What is the purpose of the incisions on each side of the neck hair line in a Face and Neck Lift? (Photo)

Basically in the hairline. These are mine at Day 9 (3 days ago) and feel like they have the most tension and have taken the longest to heal. The right one was actually painful... READ MORE

Day 32 post Fl and NL scars behind ears and in hairline, what should I expect? (Photo)

I needed a lot of tightening, I have a great result at 32 days out. I feel my scars behind my ears and in hairline are obvious and I don't feel comfortable wearing my hair like... READ MORE

Post Facelift resurfacing, 60 YO, fair skin, blue eyes. What would be best for me? (Photo)

Blue eyes, pale skin (but I usually tan, rarely burn). Good skin, use sunscreen, tretinoin, Vit C regularly. FL 12/2, plan resurfacing for crowsfeet (Botox user) cheek... READ MORE

10 months post facelift, unhappy with hollowness. Is this as good as it gets? (Photo)

I thought full facelift would improve the hollowness in my cheek area READ MORE

10 months post facelift, unhappy with hollowness. Is fat transfer the solution? (Photo)

10 mos ago had full FL with U/L blephs and fat transfer (that didn't take I think). Followed by 800 mc Sciton resurfacing 8 mos ago. (see reviews) 7 mos ago had 6 cc of... READ MORE

Would Voluma in upper cheeks lift mouth area? How about fat transfer? (Photo)

I was told that 1 syringe per upper cheek, 'feathered' down into the area below cheek (malar?) would fix the hollow area around my mouth. This sounds iffy to me? I had a... READ MORE

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How do I find the best doctor? I am in AZ but could travel for the right doctor.

I posted this in the doctor Q&A but got no replies... I'm sure I'm not the only one who has read the horror stories here, and it makes you realize how important choosing... READ MORE

What do you look for in a sunscreen? What are your favorites?

I have 2 favorites.  The physical sunscreen I use is Burnout 50 spf.  The chemical sunscreen I'm currently using is Neutrogena Dry Touch with Helioplex, 100 spf.... READ MORE

Recent comments from StillSouthern

Wow your around the ear lobe scars are so close! They will be invisible when healed. I had a f/l etc with Dr Maloney about 15 months ago but my scars don't look as good as yours. Your result is fabulous! READ COMMENT

LOVE that you and hubby did this together! I hear ya on the "men are babies" try not to kill him before he heals lol. Both of you are looking great, you'll be so happy you did this. Dr Harley is fantastic, congrats! XO READ COMMENT

I can SO relate to what you are feeling, and at about exactly this point. Yes the swelling really plumps things up, of course your peel will continue to improve your look for a few more months. Unfortunately, around the mouth and the... READ COMMENT

Stay strong, you got this! Very soon this will all be behind you and you will be enjoying your look in summer clothes. Prayers for speedy healing XO READ COMMENT

Anon, re the badge, I did the same a long time ago, with the same result. Nada lol READ COMMENT