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Hey hunni... I've been following your journey and the fact that u haven't rec'd your money back from Salama's office is sad. If he isn't doing them then there is no service u can receive and they need to refund your money. It wasn't as... READ COMMENT

Well I actually have a consult with Careaga this weekend... He does them but I haven't seen any photos of them or like maybe just one... I can't remember.... But at any rate I need to see his work b4 I move forward with anything.... I... READ COMMENT

Girl lemme tell you something.... I called Stanton's office and his prices are RIDICULOUS! They want almost 20k hunni..... I was like I'll pass... It's not that serious... Not 2 mention he literally just jacked up the prices cuz just a... READ COMMENT

Heeeyyyyy girl!!! I was just thinking abt you the other day!!! I'm so glad your doing better and you look great! And you would prolly look perfect if you got the fat grafting done!!!! READ COMMENT

He goes under the muscle right? READ COMMENT