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Cheek Filler with Juvederm - Melbourne, AU

Hi all, I recently had 1mil of Juvederm divided between both my cheeks to achieve a lift due to the small jowls l was getting and a little bit of volume that l had lost in the upper area near my nose section of the cheek. I'm 36 but always get 25 so the jowls were playing on my mind. My doc said that l can get the 1mil divided between cheeks and if l want more l can come back. I've learned... READ MORE

Very Puffy Upper Eyelids and Inner Eyes from Botox

Hi guys, I had botox injected ( 46 units ) into my brow and crows feet area around my eyes, on day 3 l loved the result and even rang my doctor to thank her yet when l woke on day 5 l noticed swelling of my upper eyelids and inner eye area around the bridge of my nose that has given my face a 'lion' appearance. l Went back to see the doctor who told me that it will subside in a few w READ MORE

Recent comments from neeena

Hi, The difference will show more in a week or so, it fills up by itself to where it should be or should look like. Don't get more as it's going to fill up too much. If you don't like the look it takes time to go down. If you want it... READ COMMENT

Hi weather girl, Don't over use other muscles too much, it may give you more lines when it finally wears off, ive read posts of women doing that and it can make your face develop new lines in areas that didn't have any. READ COMMENT

Hi Weathergirl, I think its been around 4-5 years since l had the botox nightmare. I never tried it again after that due to fear of it happening again. Although as l said l still get days where l wake with beady little round eyes, like... READ COMMENT

Hi simple, Don't panic just yet, it sounds like your face is still swollen, l had that eye look as well until the swelling came down, wait until a few weeks and if you still don't like it they can dissolve the filler, it can be taken... READ COMMENT

Hi Pittsburgh, Mine is also voluma, l asked so yes it will last a while. I'm still not going to do it again as much as l love the fresh look, l feel so different, l look very young when l smile and my cheeks glow which l love yet... READ COMMENT