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2 month post op, 2 apps of Retinol 1.0 caused under eye skin crepey/ wrinkles. Aged 25 yrs in 2 uses. Will my eyes ever recover?

I'd never used a retinol b4. An on-line co. that has aestheticians that recommend products over the phone rec'd skinmedica Ret1.0 for sl hints of sunspots. I used 2x total over... READ MORE

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Retin-A ruined the skin under my eyes. Aged me 10yrs, easily. I even went to a derm and she prescribed the eye drops mentioned in this original post. I was hoping I would get lucky and that would be it. Not the case. READ COMMENT

I'm in the same boat. Can you tell me if you found a way to undo the damage? READ COMMENT

Mandy, I went from 40 (looking 35) to looking like a 65 yo chain smoker after 2 uses of retinol. Have you found anything that combat the massive wrinkles?? I had none before my 2 uses of retinol. Depressing READ COMMENT

Learningtolove, I'm in the same boat after two uses of retinol. Please help me out! **removed email** I need to know what drops and te specifics of what you did to get your skin back to where it was the day prior to retinol use. READ COMMENT