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41yr Old, 6ft and Finally Getting a Booty

Hi All - I am booked for a buttock augmentation with Dr Briggs using 360cc Silimed implants in one week (6 August 2014). My initial research was based around going to Thailand for the procedure and combining it with other things. One of my concerns, apart from trying to vet Dr's from afar, was the fact that they recommend 3 weeks before you can fly and then it's 7 hours flight to get back. ... READ MORE

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I want to emulate Valeria Lukyanova (Russian Barbie). Can someone advise how she got such a tiny waist? (Photo)

I have had breast augmentation and recently butt augmentation but really need (well not NEED but really want!) the tiny waist of Valeria. Can someone advise how she did it... READ MORE

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Your welcome sweety and your not on your own with being annoyed about sleeping on your tummy (and believe me I was paranoid at times!). It feels like forever since I slept on my back or even sat! Relax and just bide your time, you will... READ COMMENT

Nope don't sweat it, your very normal. I know it's a bit scary. If you imagine they've had to make a big pocket in your muscle and shoved something into it so everything is stretched and tight. There will be some numbness for a little... READ COMMENT

Hi Maria- if you got to the top of the page and click on my online name with the little person symbol beside it you will get a box come up which gives you an option to send me a private message. This doesn't go on my page and you could... READ COMMENT

Thanks Maria. Mine broke open a little too. I think I got a bit carried away with being active earlier than I should. I just used paw-paw cream until it healed. I am absolutely hanging to sit properly and sleep on my back though. ... READ COMMENT

Hi Maria, sorry I'm so slow at responding. Dr Briggs says there's no scientific research to show massage helps, and advises we don't. I also checked on sitting and sleeping on our backs and he says not until 6 weeks. Hope your healing... READ COMMENT