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Diolite Laser for Broken Caps on Bridge of Nose, NOT WORTH IT, HELP!! - Northampton, MA

I had a session of diolite done only on the bridge of my nose for broken caps. The procedure didn't hurt much at all, and turned red afterwards. I did have some scabbing, which healed nicely and came off in 1 week. The area was pink afterwards, but vessels had faded significantly. about 3 weeks later, the vessels returned and it now looks worse. I was supposed to go back for a free touch up... READ MORE

Dermapen & PRP for Damaged Skin!! Albany, NY

So here goes, I've been on here for appx 7 months, My skin was badly damaged last year after who knows what. I had ONE session of yag laser for a few broken caps on my nose along with 2 hydrafacials. I had these done at Lucie Capek's office in Albany. Exactly 3 days after my 2nd hydrafacial, my skin completely began to dry out. Life has been a nightmare since then. EXTREME dehydration, lines... READ MORE

No Idea if my Damage is Laser Related.. Please Help - Albany, NY

I had yag laser done On January 30,2014. The session was literally 5 minutes long ( just for a few broken blood vessels on and around nose). I had a few scabs that fell off after a couple weeks and then had 2 hydra facials one on 2/19/2014 and the other on 3/14/2014. These are pretty gentle facials, the first had a 7% glycolic, the second she upped it a little with 14% (which is extremely low)... READ MORE

Questions from saradominica

4 months post op of Yag Laser, my skin began to dry out, burn, and the texture of my skin changed. Is this normal?

I had one session of yag laser done on January 30,2014 for a few broken blood vessels on my nose. The session lasted 5 minutes and I scabbed and thought I was fine after a few... READ MORE

My skin changed overnight, severe dehydration, tight feeling, wrinkles, horrible texture after YAG. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello, I am a 27 year old female, I've always had nice skin, yes I've spent time in the sun but not enoug hto change my skin this bad. In march 2014 I had ONE yag session for... READ MORE

I have broken blood vessels on nose, want them removed WITHOUT laser cannot find thermavein near mass or nyb

I absolutely do not want laser, was looking into thermavein but can't find anything except nyc.. I live near albany my wouldn't mind traveling an hour or more but not to nyc. I... READ MORE

Want to try Retin-A for skin damage, need to start VERY slow, which one?

Hello I had some type of damageto my skin about a year ago a little over. I had a yag on nose only and a couple hydra facials. Had burning irritation extreme dehydration lines... READ MORE

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When this happened last time I had a complete workup done, they found one marker that MAY have led to autoimmune issues, but follow up testing was done and they came back with nothing. The fact that I also got sick this time ( sore... READ COMMENT

I appreciate your kindness, I really do. I know there is something wrong with my skin. There is a burning sensation in my skin almost every day that is so intense Its unbelievable. Most days, my skin is so tight it's hard to open my... READ COMMENT

This is extremely disrespectful. My skin BURNS every single day of my life and has literally destroyed pretty much all my happiness. My skin is so tight its painful to open my mouth. It's hardly about beauty anymore, but about pain.... READ COMMENT

I'm not sure, it was extremely expensive at the derm's office with the PRP. I just can't afford the downtime or the cost. I bought two dermarollers, I could try those but I'm just so unsure now. Half the time I read things I think my... READ COMMENT

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