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So happy for you. I can't wait to get mine. Can you share in more detail what doctor you used. The Cost. $ just a step by step from start to finish of what you went through. It's very helpful and exciting to share your journey in detail... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much newmommy for being so thorough with your detailed deacription. I can definitely see what you mean in regards to cleaning your vagina being the last thing on your mind since there will be pain and dicomfort. Just a... READ COMMENT

Newmommy I'd written a long post back on "may 12th" with questions for you if you don't mind answering those READ COMMENT

I am 27 & I am thinkinging about having a vaginaplasty, labia minora, labia majora and reduction of mons pubis. My Vagina hasn't beem cute since I was like 21 years old. After that it started looking wrinkly and worn. Discouraging to be... READ COMMENT