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Saline Implant Removal Scheduled for 5/16/14 After 19 Years - Greensburg, PA

I'm having my hard implants out on my birthday. I thought I was prepared, but as the date nears, I'm having a lot of anxiety. I work f/t and need to return five days after explant. Anxiety #1. I am worried because they have been in so long, and are so hard, there will be complications. Anxiety #2. Comments ? So glad I had this done! Explant, no lift. Mine were 270 cc, and I have no... READ MORE

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Immediately post-op explantation. Can I take Benadryl?

Hello. My explant surgery was done today and I feel great. I was given Benadryl by IV , Fentanyl by IV, and also Clindamyacin by IV. My question is, can I continue to take... READ MORE

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You look great. Too bad your surgeon tortured you like that though. I like your page....I'm very happy to not have implants and feel so damn much better with them out. No lift, no fat transfer. Just whatever I was meant to have. One... READ COMMENT

I had my consult towards the end of April, and my surgery 5/16. It was about three weeks. Mine were hard as rocks also, and I had capsular contraction (who doesn't after 19 years, right) and they denied me , like RIGHT now. Because... READ COMMENT

Shit, those brownies sound good. I have been craving them too today since I saw this picture of some on Facebook. Pretty sure I may have a slight butter addiction. I eat it in slices from the stick. And bread - had me six pieces today.... READ COMMENT

Lordy. Breast icons. HAHAHAHAHA How would I make a little left ta-ta, and a slightly bigger and droopier right ta-ta? You may be onto something big here lemay with these icons. (or should I say little) READ COMMENT