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Microdermabrasion - Doesn't Do Much for Acne Scars/hyperpigmentation/results Not Permanent at All - London, England

Hi guys, just wanted to share my microdermabrasion story! I had 4 treatments a few months ago and thought I could share my experience with you. Firstly let me say results vary from person to person, and i've heard some people yield fantastic results from them. As for me...well i thought the whole thing was a waste of money! So I'm 18 years old, and suffer from really bad acne and blemishes on... READ MORE

Skin Culture Peel 4000-AMAZING RESULTS :) REALLY PLEASED!!! WORTH THE PAIN I THINK! - London, England

Skin culture chemical peel 4000-best thing i've done! Okay guys :) I'm 18 years old and have suffered with acne all throughout my teenage years. For the past year I've had acne scars (medium-deep) all over my face and small pimples, ice pick scars AND hyperpigmentation. I've tried a nonablative laser, microdermobrasion (waste of money that was) and literally every skin care product available... READ MORE

Questions from MyaaArmanii

Would a light 15% TCA peel be safe given the fact I'm of a darker skin color? I'm thinking about going for a course of 4.(photo)

My dermatologist suggested a course of 15% peels (maybe we can change this to 18% after the first two). She's treated patients with indian skin types before with 15-18% and had... READ MORE

Will my nose change any further after septoplasty?

Hiiii. Im extremely worried. I know this may seem like a ludicrous worry, but i had a septoplasty 7 months ago and am 100% satisfied with the results, it offered me a 80%... READ MORE

Why does my nose look swollen every morning after rhinoplasty?

Hello. I'm 7/8 months post op!!! I really like my new nose, but im noticing a pattern. i sleep with one pillow only every night (so not at a height) but when i wake up in the... READ MORE

I Still Have Swelling 12 Months Post Rhinoplasty????? Is This Normal?

Overall i am happy with my rhinoplasty procedure but the swelling is obvious in the tip and i am terribly swollen still. My surgeon says it may take 18-24months to subside... READ MORE

PicoSure or Fraxel for acne scarring and hyperpigmentation?

Not sure which of these two lasers to go for, been offered treatments with both. Picosure is a fairly new treatment, but apparently its more effective and has no down time.... READ MORE

Can I have laser (fraxel) after dermal fillers?

Its been 3 months since i got dermal fillers in my cheeks. Can i now have a fraxel procedure for skin resurfacing? There shouldn't be a problem should there? READ MORE

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Hi..have you looked at non-surgical nose jobs, you can get them one year post surgery. Until you get enough for a nose job maybe consider these nose fillers. They can even out bumps in the nose xxx READ COMMENT you have an update for us? is everything okay??? please keep us posted, im so so sorry. Instead of getting another rhinoplasty, perhaps consider temporary nose fillers/dermal fillers. they can be removed if they don't go... READ COMMENT

In the mean time if you really require a smaller nose, get some dermal fillers, a non surgical nose job. it minimises the risks/complications associated with surgery READ COMMENT

Hi honestly, i think your nose looks fine. I think we sometimes fixate over our insecurities a little too much especially if we've been paranoid about them for a long time. I was adamant i wanted a really small nose, but when i had the... READ COMMENT

There are a lot of competent surgeons in London that specialise in more complex revision rhinoplasties. How long has it been since the revision on this one? READ COMMENT