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I chose to get an upper lip lift because my upper lip is flat - Norfolk

I chose to get an upper lip lift because my upper lip is flat and when I add filler, I can get a duck-like appearance. I was awake for the procedure, but had been given valium and pain killers. I am nervous about the outcome because I still do not have tooth show! Also, my lip is looking flat again, and it's making me very nervous. I wanted to get a curved upper lip. It has been three days... READ MORE

Great New Nose - Newport News, VA

I have had rhinoplasty before, but I was underwhelmed by my results. Now I love it! My nose had a bump on it. I wanted it to be slightly sloped. Now it is. :)I added photos. The first was my original nose. The first photo is kind of grainy because I shrunk it so much. But you get the idea. :) READ MORE

Questions from bnbn

Zeltiq - How Long to See Results on Arms?

I had coolsculpting on my arms Jan 26th. I have read that people can see results within 3 weeks. So far there has been nothing (I have been measuring my arms) and I am nervous... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take Plan B (The Emergency Contraceptive) a Week Before Surgery?

Is It Safe to Take Plan B (The Emergency Contraceptive) a Week Before Surgery? READ MORE

What is It Like to Have Operations Such As Lipo with Iv Sedation?

I've had iv sedation for dental work and general for surgery and they seemed about the same in terms of how I felt. READ MORE

My Nostrils Look Wider After Lip Lift, Is this Likely Just From Swelling?

I had a lip lift today, and I was wondering if my nostrils are going to be permanently wider now, or if it is just the swelling. I had a bullhorn lip lift performed. READ MORE

Is there a way to fix scars I have from a lateral brow lift?

Quite a bit of my hair is missing and the scars seem pretty thick to me. I can no longer wear my hair back. Is there a way to reduce them so they aren't so visible? READ MORE

I have bags under my eyes and I am wondering what treatment will work? (photos)

My dermatologist said juvederm would make them puffier because they aren't bad enough to fix yet. Is there a surgical procedure I could do? I'm seeing them in all my photos. READ MORE

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I told a few people. I felt more normal after about two weeks, I think. READ COMMENT

Well, I can't tell you if the procedure is right for you or not, but I can say that I am very glad I had it done. I also had a different doctor say I shouldn't do it. If you decide to do it, you should go to someone who does them a lot... READ COMMENT

Well, my doctor told me that my muscle was cut. I am not sure what everyone else has experienced, but all I can tell you is that I have been fine. My mouth felt tight when smiling for a while, when it was healing. Now it is just like it... READ COMMENT

I had filler before I had the lip lift. I have not gotten anymore since. I felt like the filler I had put in the upper lip showed a lot better with the lip lift. That is the point though, I suppose. READ COMMENT