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Can Not Wait For My New Nose! - Folsom, CA

A little background... I was in a car accident as a teenager and broke my nose and it was severed at the columella on the steering wheel. I almost had my nose done 10 years ago when I was 24 and wish I would have but I could not justify the cost. Now I could not be more ready! I have a deviated... READ MORE

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Can I get an implant where I am missing a tooth without a space? Do I need braces first to open a space? (Photo)

My ortho as a kid removed a back top tooth to take a shortcut. Fast forward, I wore braces a second time 4 years ago, and the ortho said she would open the space for an implant... READ MORE

Are there faster ways to open a space for an implant with braces besides using rubber bands? (photos)

I wore braces 4 years ago and the plan was to open a space for a tooth that was extracted from my childhood orthodontist. The space was not opening, so the orthodontist said... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty after trauma? (Photo)

I was in a car accident many years ago and hit my nose really hard on the steering wheel and broke it. It was severed at the columna as well and stitched up at the ER. I was... READ MORE

Can Hawley retainers fix a small relapse or do I have to wear braces again? (photo)

I wore braces five years ago and went from clear retainers to Hawley's after the first six months which I have worn faithfully every night. When the braces were originally... READ MORE

Is surgery my only option or braces again?

I have been told that I need lower jaw surgery to correct my bite. I have an open bite and a slight cant as well as missing a bicuspid on the upper left side making it look... READ MORE

Do I need jaw surgery to fix my tilted/slanted smile or open a space for an implant? (Photo)

I am missing an upper left bicuspid that my childhood ortho removed to speed up treatment time. I had braces 5 years ago that relapsed(hawleys) to correct my bite, I have an... READ MORE

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Yes it's so nice to just be done with it! I feel like if is something that really bothers you whether people notice or not, it only matter what you see. Thank you very much! READ COMMENT

Have you tried the Neil Med saline rinse. The sprays did nothing for me. I use Neil med like 5-6 times a day and my congestion went away.....I buy the refill packets at target 9 bucks for 100. It especially helps when the water is... READ COMMENT

Oh and my surgeon has me using Nasocort 2 sprays in each nostril every day to help with swelling..... READ COMMENT

I know it won't fix the issue but just to help with swelling, have you tried turmeric, arnica 6c, vit c, coq10, and bromalain? I have been taking since my surgery and noticed a big improvement. I stopped taking the arnica for a couple... READ COMMENT