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Is it possible to fix my asymmetrical eyebrows? (photos)

Hi Im 19 years old, I have minimal asymmetrical eyes. My left eye and eyebrow higher than my right, When I lift my eyebrows my eyes being symmetrical. How do I fix that? Thanks... READ MORE

Can Laser treatment be used to remove nevuses on the face? (photo)

Hi I'm 17 years old male, I don't like these little nevuses, they are little and not raised. I don't want them on my face but also I'm worrying about after treatment scar, what... READ MORE

I'm 17 years old I think my nose is big & not straight, what can I do to make my nose similar to Jake Gyllenhaal's nose? (photo)

Hi  what can we do for my nose? by the way I really like Jake Gyllenhaal's nose can doctors ? :) Thanks. READ MORE

What is the best treatment for dark/purple circles under eyes? (photo)

Hello I have reddish purple circles under my eyes(not much and not dark). Also my under eye area is thin I can see the blood vessels when I lift the skin. I noticed from photos... READ MORE

How do I know if I have orbital asymmetry? Is there an eye examination or x-ray to determine if I do?

Hi my left eye (not eyelid) looks higher on photos but I cant notice that on the mirror, I dont have double-vision and I dont think It is lazy eye. Also I have jaw asymmetry,... READ MORE

Do I have lower chin? My face looks curve-shaped. Is there a problem on my jaw or chin? (Photo)

Hi I noticed something different from my side profile but I am not sure If it is lower chin. My face looks ) shaped. Is there a problem on my jaw or chin? Thanks. READ MORE

Should I get brow bone shave? Can any of the fillers be used for my forehead? (photos)

Hi I'm a male and I have noticed that I have browbone and I know it is not very noticable, I am just wondering If it is normal and can any of the fillers be used for my... READ MORE

Do I have Orbital Asymmetry? (Photo)

Hi one of my eye always look higher on photos(right eye on photo) I am so concerned about that even if it is 2-3mm.I have asked my friends If one of my eye is higher but they... READ MORE

Should I get alar base reduction? (Photo)

Hi I noticed that I have a little big nose but I am nose sure if it is wide or swollen, also I am worrying about the incision after ABR . People that had ABR are complaining... READ MORE

How do I use Hydroquinone for skin lightening? Do I need to combine it with other products?

Hi I'm a caucasian with olive skin, I am not that tan but I want to bleach my skin and be more pale. I had pale skin when I was born but after years with affect of the sun my... READ MORE

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When does browbone stop growing?

Hi I am 18 years old male and I have slightly browbone but not wort to have surgery. When will it stop growing? What can i do to stop browbone growing? READ MORE

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