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After laser tattoo removal treatment, are there any supplements that can be taken to help the immune system remove pigments?

For example, i've read that beta glucans help the body produce more macrophages, and read somewhere else that macrophages at the tattoo site will help your body remove the ink.... READ MORE

Do lidocaine injections before laser tattoo removal affect the removal outcome?

I have read that lidocaine injections may increase the risk of scarring, and can also react with the ink to make it harder to remove. READ MORE

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That looks light enough to cover up.. lucky you! READ COMMENT

I actually wait at least 10 weeks between sessions, but maybe the laser that they are using is not a great one. The Nd Yag laser they have is a Won Cosjet, that seems not very widely used, although the Alexandrite laser is a Candela one... READ COMMENT

I feel you, mine is the same way ): READ COMMENT

I'm scared, cos i think i am seeing scarring with mine.. the tattoo is bumpy where the ink is densest. i am seeing a doctor in a hospital though, but i'm in thailand, and maybe the standard isn't the best here. my current doctor is... READ COMMENT

Definitely don't add on to the tattoo if you have doubts about it! actually, new tattoos are harder to remove than old tattoos so a wait can only do you and your skin good i think (: READ COMMENT