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Questions from Ziongirl

Fat Injections into breasts with Breast Implants - can this be done? Is it safe?

I had my breasts done in Auckland in May this year. I always knew one breast was slightly larger than the other , I have got Teardrop 410CC Silimed Implants and one breast is... READ MORE

I had my breast surgery May 2014, 410cc. Need help choosing implant for my revision surgery! Round or stay tear drop?

I breast fed 2 kids so had very empty breast sacks. I Had 410cc anatomical silimed polyurathane implants. 12.3 width & height, 6.6 projection & 8.3 from bottom implant to... READ MORE

Silimed implants - why are they not used in the US?

Hi docs, here in nZ, surgeons tend to use the same implant range from Silimed. Why are they not used in US? Seems that Mentor or Naturelle are the pick in US. Also NZ often do... READ MORE

Do US plastuc surgeons use German Polytech implants?

I just wondered if You know of and/or use the Polytech implants? Are they a good brand compared to Silimed? READ MORE

Revision Breast implants - Silimed XH round or H round?

I'm having a revision done in 3 weeks and I'm worried about the choice. I have 410cc anatomical implants currently that were put in 1 year ago.. To me they are not big enough &... READ MORE

Can armpit scars from hyperhidrosis surgery easily be revised?

I have my second BA coming up in two weeks time and I was wondering whether it would be worth asking my ps to revise my old scars under my arms from a hyperhydrosis surgery I... READ MORE

Width of chest - help please

Hi have 410cc Anatomical implanta and having my revision in two days. Chest width is 12.5 before first surgery. Options for replacements implants are 560cc H 13.5w or 565cc XH... READ MORE

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Ops, sent by accident! Have more side boob than I imagined.. Will keep u updated READ COMMENT

You have such an amazing body girl! Boons are looking good too, are they starting to fluff yet for you? I haven't done my review cause I need to not be able to name surgeon.. But I'm doing good second time so much easier..,have more... READ COMMENT

Nope not at all.. I guess the measurements were right for me READ COMMENT

Well I had tear drops in before with quite little upper pole, hopefully round will do the job. Well your body frame is smaller than mine so a 500cc would look bigger on you than on me! Significant others are important too :-) READ COMMENT

Hey love, I ended up with 565cc XH (UHP) I did want the 560cc H but they were too wide for my frame. So I went from 410cc to 565cc hope that enough of a jump up to notice more upper pole. Haven't done any stories on here yet I might do... READ COMMENT